High TNF alpha : Ayurveda treatment


Nice for you anu, if in the first few days if one feels disturbed or uncomfortable after consuming the medications, then in that case some new medications are required to be re designed.
But if it suits you then no major changes will be done . This is what i read ,
Rest depends on dr uppal .
Anyways good luck.


Thanks aisha for the reassurance.
It helps alot when you are touch with a person who has been through all this very recently.


Its a pleasure to help ,
You know in my ttc time
I used to eat Dr. Uppal’s head and not him alone , i was registered at numerous websites, many discussions, many forums.
Because of that i learnt alot
In this way you can receive and give help. Very gratifying experiences.


Hmm i can see that
So must be nearing your delivery?
Any special choice of names??


Nope I haven’t thought about it yet
I am too busy with the preparations
Anyways suggestions are welcome.


I am not gonna give you any suggestions on the name, that you can decide depending upon your family rituals.
But i have a small piece of advice to share,
If possible decide the name of the child which in a way can be morphed into some international name.
That way the name will be unique and will be of great helpif you send your child abroad for study or even for anything else.


Hey thanks for the futuristic approach.
I never would have come up with this great idea.
I ll share it with dr uppal as well.


Hi aisha
Just wanted to say that plz keep me updated.
You know what i mean
About the good news ok …


I am ok, infact in the best days of my life .
I welcomed my son “vishu “ yesterday.
What an awesome phase i am in .

I experienced all possible hurdles in this ,
Low amh , tubal blockage, immunity issues, malpositioned uterus etc…

Now all of this is history,
present is vishu my darling in my lap.
I have no words to thank Dr Uppal for his support, it was a tough job. Nearly impossible.
But we nailed it . We three as a team.


Congratulations to you dear
This was almost impossible.
You must be on cloud nine.
Relish every single moment of this.
Although the name looks simple. Still its cute.
So many happy and wonder-filled times ahead for you…enjoy !


Thank you anu
N how are you these days?


I feeling much much better now .
Stool urine
Appetite thirst digestion all is ok .
Irritation before menses no more.
And my sex desire is also improving.
Periods are also better now . Instead of coming at every 2 weeks now they come 3.5 weeks that far better. Atlest now if there is a released follicle, it will get enough time for implantation.


Rightly said,
The ruptured follicle will now get some time to attach itself, by the way when do you plan to recheck the tnf values?


Very soon i ll do it , meanwhile i think I should also try a follicular scan to ascertain the status of follicles growth and maturity.
But that i ll do after my coming menses.


All the best dear,
I hope this day never comes.
But it’s quite obvious that the such high tnf will not get controlled in so less time.


Hey i just thought of getting the tnf rechecked,
Got it done and i am suprised to see it come from 1094 to 192.
My tnf values are now in normal limits .
This is instigating me recheck my fsh, lh and liver enzymes as well.
What do you say ?


Heavens above
i am truly amazed
Such high tnf values you had and now perfectly normal . Dr. Uppal surely deserves applause.
I am dead sure anu , very soon you’re going to hit the bullseye.
And there are bright chances of fsh lh also coming normal. Go for it
It ll boost your confidence.


As expected aisha,
Fsh lh and lft are also normal.
This gives me a big sigh of relief. I am indebted by what Dr. Uppal has done .
Atleast now i feel myself eligible for natural conception.

Fsh lh lft normal
Tnf normal
Tubes normal
Just need to plan my meetings now . Pray for me.


All the best dear
You are always in my prayers
By the way what did Dr. Uppal say about how much more time will it need in achieving pregnancy…?


Thanks aisha , you’re a pal.

Dr uppal said if everything stays fine like this then , pregnancy can happen anytime within 2-3 months. And this isn’t much time.

This much time i can comfortably keep my patience. But I don’t want to experience any misscarriage this time. Thats more important