High TNF alpha : Ayurveda treatment


Thats the right approach anu

Because delivering a healthy baby is more important than anything else.

Rest all are mere stages but the end result matters.
With love and patience, everthing is possible.
Good luck


Thank you aisha
I am glad cos of you
As you understand me well.


It’s absolutely fine anu . Its very sweet of you to say so.

You plz focus on your health and don’t worry much about the values now.
Once the body picks up , rest all follows smoothly.

Beautiful things will happen once you distance yourself from stress and negativity .

Stay hopeful
Stay positive
Bless you


Thankx aisha
All these small small tips, advices, discussions help to ease your pressure.
But human mind is weird , it keeps on asking for more and more always.
Once you achieve something, it started craving for the next.
You can’t help it, now iam eager for the next big thing
I hope it happens soon enough
I can’t wait
By the way I forgot to ask you hows your son??
I am so so sorry I forgot to ask you about your wellness
Plz forgive, this baby thing is driving me crazy
I apologise.


Relax relax
Take a break
Its ok.

My son is doing fine , he’s entered his fourth month. So we r good .
But your eagerness is too much dear.
Plz calm down, this wont help.
Talk it out with Dr Uppal he’ll explain you the same.
This way your stress will disturb hormones and will lessen the chances of implementing.

prolactin and adrenal stress hormones have a inhibitory impact on the endometrium.
Always keep this in your head
Pray to shivji , meditate, listen to bhajan, classical music anything to calm you down.
Om namah shivaye dear.


Got it aisha , yaar you are literally a sweetheart.
You really know how to calm down tense nerves.
Thanks you making me smile :blush:


It’s my pleasure dear.
My happiness will have no limits the day you conceive.
I am and will be there for you always.
Take care