Hike in prolactin and normal progestrone



I have been tested for my prolactin and progestrone on my 21st day of my cycle. we have been TTC from one year. Looking at my reading she said u might be pregnant. Still 2 days for my date but wanted to know if its possible because I am having headache and lower back pain and leg cramps which doesnot look like pregnancy symtoms.

My prolactin :- 39
progestrone :- 14.6
thyroid:- good but forgot the numbers

Please let me know if you think i am pregnant.


Your prolactin is pretty high for CD 21 and this early on that could be an indication of something else rather than pregnancy as prolactin wouldn’t rise that quickly only a week after ovulation, but it could keep you from getting pregnant actually and in particular keep you from implanting. I hope I am wrong and you are pregnant, but if you come up not pregnant please make sure your Doc runs some more testing to find out why it’s high and/or puts you on bromocriptine to bring it down as it could interfere with implantation and getting pregnant in future cycles.

As far as your progesterone…all it indicates is that you ovulated. It isn’t high and it isn’t low per say. And again on CD 21 it cannot indicate if you are pregnant or not that early.

So…not to be a debbie downer, but these results, in my opinion, do not indicate pregnancy and could indicate abnormally elevated prolactin. However, aside from the possibility of elevated prolactin hindering pregnancy/implantation they don’t indicate you aren’t pregnant either because it is only CD 21 levels which won’t tell you anything about pregnancy itself because it is just too early.

The headache, low back pain, and leg cramps could be stress from hormones in general (both AF or pregnancy). Could also indicate dehydration and low minerals too.

Anyway, wish I could say yep that looks like pregnancy, but CD 21 blood results is just too early to tell. I truly hope you are pregnant though. Sending you lot of :babydust: :babydust: !!


Thank you so much for your reply ahhny…it was helpful.


[QUOTE=neha]Thank you so much for your reply ahhny…it was helpful.[/QUOTE]

When do you test for pregnancy?