His cycle has been so weird


Hi every one im new here and i hope you dont me asking a few questions so ill start with my cycles. I have regular 28 day cycles with a 14 day lutal phase (almost texted book)
me and my DH are trying to concive baby #2 but this cycle has been so weird you would think with a texted book cycle it would be easy right … not the case. this month we bd’d every day except o day.
CD 10: O pains very normal positive OPK http://www.healthboards.com/boards/images/smilies/jester.gif
CD11: light spotting pink then latter turning brown
CD12:more spotting very light flow(brown marron color) needing a pantie liner to protect my panties only lasted un till CD15
and now today wich is 10DPO and yesterday 9DPO i have had cramps yesterdaying feeling more intense then today its more of a dull ach the cramps seem to be more intense when sitting and ease off a bit when sleeping some are a sharp sting on my left side the cramps move lol from my left side to my right side to the middle that feel like AF cramps but less strong. my CM is watery and it has white spots (i never have alot of CM) AF is due on the 27th of july fingers crossed she wont show hahahahah

thank you for any advice at all