So I’ve been a member of this forum since June and recently found this thread. So nice to have a place where there are people who have my same beliefs - you guys might be able to understand I’m coming from better.

I’ve welcomed myself on other threads but thought I would introduce myself on here. My DH and I will be married for eight years next month. We’ve been TTC since day one. A little family history - it took my mom three years to get pregnant with me - and her mom had five miscarriages before getting pregnant with her. My dad is an only child and it took his parents 17 years to get pregnant with him. My DH’s parents had one girl and then thought they couldn’t get pregnant again but were surprised 5 years later with getting pregnant with my DH. So going into our marriage we knew we might have some difficulty getting pregnant. I’ve wanted to be a mother since I was a young girl so it wasn’t strange for us to TTC right away.

A year and a half after we got married and with no success in getting pregnant we started seeing my ob/gyn to see if there were any problems. Right away she found a large fibroid and I had a surgery to have it removed. A couple of months later my DH had a surgery to have a hydrocele removed. We were told then to keep on trying and that if we were still having issues at my next yearly visit that we would do further testing.

At the nest yearly visit still hadn’t gotten pregnant. We had actually started the adoption process through LDS Family Services along with seeing my ob/gyn. Had an HSG done - and found tubes were clear. Right after we had this test done we found out we were moving out of state so we had to put things on hold - both adoption and seeing an ob/gyn.

We moved out of state and my mother-in-law moved in with us. She lived with us for four years - it was a hard four years. We were trying to get pregnant but not trying at the same time because we weren’t sure if we wanted to raise our kids in the same house as my mother in law (huge story). We also started the adoption process twice again - but had to stop it for various reasons.

In January 2010 I had a uterine polyp removed.

In June 2011 we felt impressed that we needed to start seeing an ob/gyn again to see why we were having so much trouble. Met with my ob/gyn and started the process. At first he thought I wasn’t ovulating because my ultrasound on CD12 wasn’t showing any large follicles so he put me on Clomid. My temps did confirm that I ovulate - just later than the “norm”. Had another HSG - tubes are clear but found another polyp. My ob/gyn wasn’t too concerned about it - I was very concerned about it - and with talking to him about it didn’t help things. So we decided to start see a RE since we would probably need some kind of fertility treatments.

End of August started seeing a RE and started all the testing. Here is where we stand today:

  • Blood work came back normal.
  • Found out that I am homozygous for the MTHFR spina bifida gene and am on a medication with higher amounts of folic acid, B6 and B12 so I don’t pass that on to my child (I had spina bifida in utero but it closed over before I was born).
  • Polyp and more adhesions were found.
  • Polyp, scar tissue, and endometriosis were removed through laparoscopy.
  • My left ovary is adhered to my colon and my left tube is kinked. My right ovary and tube are fine.
  • DH was finally tested and we have some issues to resolve - working with a reproductive urologist

This whole process has been a rollar coaster. For years I was bitter and was having a hard time seeing everyone around me able to get pregnant by the drop of a hat. I couldn’t understand why we weren’t being blessed with starting a family -afterall, wasn’t that a commandment that we’ve been given??

In the last few weeks I have changed my outlook and have seen that I really need to rely on the Lord instead of blaming Him for this. It has made such a difference.

We still have more to figure out before we’ll actually be able to start any treatments, but at least we are trying to find out what’s going on.

Just wanted to introduce myself. Wishing you all good luck!!!


Sorry to hear about your difficulties. It is supportive to talk with other couples facing infertility. We actually have zero diagnosable issues, so I had similar thoughts of “why, why, why isn’t it happening? God wants me to multiply, and science says I should be able to, so why?” We took multiple breaks of TTC, but eventually got to a fertility clinic and were able to get pregnant through IVF. I wrote my full story on my blog. Stacy and Oscar Hunt: Our Experience with Infertility Part I - Pre-diagnosis Good luck!