Holidays are depressing


Officially, Depressed…How can a Holiday about being Thankful make you so depressed?..Well, easy, it is a time when families get together and spread joy and good news…I was given the heads up today, that the relatives I stayed with in WA are expecting a flood of new grandchildren…their 2 daughters and 2 daughter-in-laws are all expecting, around the same time…I new something was off…they were really guarded when around me last week…

I am due to return to WA at the end of Jan…where I will be staying at my relatives…one of the DILs is staying there over the next 3 months and will be there while I am there…she will be 6 months along by then…and my cousin that was so wonderful to watch my DD when I went to a few of my appts will be 5 months…:frowning:

Talk about rubbing it in…I just keep telling myself…well, they are about 10 years younger…but it doesn’t seem to help…I am so worried, that I will be overly depressed while in WA because of all the preggos…I just pray that I can see past my own heartache and be happy for them, while not letting it get to me during my stim cycle, since I hear that stress and depression can affect quality and quantity…

adding insult to injury, my mothers side of our family has had no problems conceiving either…one cousin has 4 kids and the other has 3 including an unplanned pregnancy at 43…and they are all staying with my parents…my DD has insisted on spending all her time with them…I can’t stand to be around because it makes me so sad to see my DD playing with the younger kids and saying…“I wish I had a baby brother and sister, but it is just me and it is so boring, I have nobody to play with” and know that I am almost at the end of the road…

any suggestions to keep a smile on my face and the weight off my heart?

Thank you God, for blessing DH and I with DD, she is the most perfect thing I have ever done…



I am so sorry you are feeling so down! Believe me, I completely understand feeling this way in a time that should be filled with such happiness. And the thought of having to be surrounded by so many growing bellies just makes me cringe a little!

My depression comes in the fact that we have a very small extended family, with no children my ds age. All of my friends have grown up children, so it seems like my ds is alone so much and I feel bad! We really wanted to try for a sibling earlier (ds is 6), but we just didn’t have the funds. Now we finally can and he is going to be 7 by the time this one is born (hopefully).

I have always wanted to have at least two children, but our IF struggles have proven to be so draining! I also really wanted to have children while my father, brother and sister were alive (they would have LOVED my ds…they all passed away from cancer), and so you see how these times can become depressing for me.

I do have to say that I have a wonderful little family, and when I look into ds’s eyes, I can see such a bright future full of discovery and love! I see him becoming a compassionate young man, and I hope to be around when he meets that special someone and realizes that starting his family will be one of the greatest joys he will ever experience! And when he looks down at his first born, I know that he will feel the same love that I feel for him everyday!

So, I pray that this last shot works, but if it doesn’t, I’ll be okay because wow!! Look what I have already! God truly has blessed me!


I totally get the thanksgiving is depressing. I have a MIL who has dementia. Every couple of days she forgets about IF and will be like when you going to have a baby. She even said at thanksgiving like you need to get busy :dance: because I want another grandchild before next christmas or I want another grandchild before I kick the bucket. DH sister has a child who is 18 who is graduating and she is not married and 37. I am hoping almost she gets pregnant so the pressure is off me.

DH biological sister is pregnant with #6 and I think for the wrong reasons (gov. reasons) because she told us she couldn’t afford 5.

I try not to judge people but its hard. I try to pray :pray: more. :pray: On top of that, I see single moms in my class (there is like 4*5 out of the ten girls I graduated with) who will go out and take baby with when they are only a day old, a week old, and one even took baby to black friday with it being a month old. I was a little mad at that. Told DH look the baby is out and about being exposed to no telling what.

Sorry I had to vent a little bit too. I am 24 as you know so all my friends classmates :preg: and all my cousins have babies too. Even Papaw joined in the game thanksgiving and was like would have stopped by but had to go see the grandchildren (talking about the greats). What ticks me off more he got the money but don’t believe in us trying for #1 that it will happen eventually.


Cybie, I am so sorry to hear how cancer has so deeply affected your family…I pray that this is your time for number 2…I hear that your chances are as good as the age of your eggs…and seeing that you are using a donor…I am guessing you have 20 something old eggs…:clap: :clap: :clap:

My DD is 5 1/2 and if all goes as planned…she will be turning 7 before she gets that sibling we have been trying for…

Hopeful…I remember your relatives and their stories…LOL, if only our families knew how we felt…I am just so ready for the holidays to be here and gone…How are your and DHs plans for IVF going?..talked with Sly?..:pray: :pray: :pray: :flower: for ya…

I have been out of loop…really out of sorts ever since I returned to Texas…I feel like November was just a blur for me…I haven’t even paid one bill this month…DH never even opened our mail while I was gone…