Home insemination


So, i have a few questions for anyone who has done home insemination with DS. First, DID IT WORK???

Second, i have researched a little and it seems like every sperm bank requires your physican to sign a consent, before shipping. Will an RE actually sign a consent??? why would they?? Then they wouldnt get their money from doing an IUI in office. And for my RE, an IUI is about 3-4K. Ya think an OB/Midwife could sign it?? iM sure my Midwife would, she is great.

Anyways, Home insemination seems like such a cheaper option. We could to like 6 or 7 “cycles” at home for 1 iui cycle at the clinic. Anyone know of a sperm bank where they will ship to your home and dont require a physicians signature or consent?? Any advice would be great and appreciated Thank you so much,


All going too say is Good Luck an one of my friends done that an got pregnant.

Sorry not much help just mostly wishing a good luck.


Here is a link to another forum with the same question:

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one of the posts states that NW cryobank will deliver to your home and on their website, under ‘products and information’, they have home insemination kits. Might be worth giving them a call to ask if they still do this.


There is a girl on here that got pg with at home ds.it can work…the hard part is what u said about finding banks that don’t require drs! Good luck


Thanks for the replies!!! Other problem I forgot to mention is that I have High FSH. Other than that i am perfectly healthy and only 29. We conceive our son when i was 17 and apparently my eggs were at the top of their game 12 year ago, not so much anymore i guess. I havent had anything tested in 4 years, so in about a week ill be going in for my Day 3 labs. Not that i expect for them to be good, but rather seeing what they are now. im also going to do Wheatgrass and possibly DHEA. And ive quit smoking for 5 years now, so i honestly think that was part of my High FSH, crappy eggs. Thanks, no all i have to do is convince DH!!! we havent even discussed it really. Im just researching to know if its even possible before i bring it up to him. He has sperm, but 0% morphology. So basically he has sperm, they just are mutated and mutated sperm cant fertilize my crappy eggs… or any eggs for that matter!! Thanks ladies, Rach


Home DI can work (although it never did for me), but it might take awhile & if you already have problems with your egg quality/ovarian reserve then the odds are much worse. I pay for everything out of pocket so I’ve been tempted to go back to home ICI, but (for me) at the end of the day the extra amount I pay is worth the increased chance of success.

Any OB/GP/RE can sign the consent forms, midwives can too. I wouldn’t think it’d be that difficult to find one to sign. NWCryo is the only bank I know of who will ship to you directly without a doctor’s consent form.

Good luck on whatever you decide to do & hopefully you’re #'s come back ok. :cross: