Hopefully this will offer some hope!


So I have wanting to post this for a while now in the hopes it will offer hope to others but I wanted to wait until I felt more sure of this pregnancy.

So in 2008 we tried to have our first baby and after a year and a half of trying we were able to concieve our daughter through IVF. The doctor said I had questionable egg quality.

Fastfoward three years later and one miscarriage and 3 IVFs that all resulted in HORRIBLE egg quality and BFNs. We were told there was not much hope. So we set up an appointment at CCRM. But much to my surprise in September we found out we were pregnant naturally!!! Well her we are at 18 weeks and we just found out yesterday that we are having what appears to be a very healthy little boy!

I wanted to share this because I had given up on having another child but I truly feel like the suppliments I took, the accupunture and my reduced stress from a break from IVF is what made it all work out.

I hope this makes someone more hopeful and I pray you all get the babies you deserve too!


congratulations!! that is an incredible story. What supplements did you take?


I love hearing stories like yours!! Congratulations!


That is wonderful!!! :woohoo: Congrats!!!


I took…
Royal Jelly
Vitamin D
Baby Asprin

And hubby stopped Propecia for 3 months prior to pregnancy.


Congratulations! :cheer: I hope I have a similar story someday.


Congratulations to you and DH!