Hoping for a Christmas Miracle!


Well, today is day three of my Follistim injections. I’m keeping :cross: and praying that this cycle will work! We have been working on our house and now that we don’t need to use our small office as a guestroom, I’m ready to turn it into a nursery :wink:
If this cycle follows my last (time-wise) I’ll probably trigger the first few days in December, meaning I’ll get my :bfp: (positive thoughts!) a week or so before Christmas. It would be the BEST PRESENT [I][B]EVER!!![/B][/I]
Aaaaaand, I’d be due just a few weeks before my birthday! Even better birthday present!
Yeah, it is going to be deathly hot in Houston at the end of August, but I would happily do it, in Arctic wear if I had to, to get my little baby!
So do I have any buddies working on their own Christmas miracles with me?
Good luck everyone!!:babydust: :babydust: :babydust: :babydust:


Me too

I am on my second cycle of follistim and today was my 5th day of shots, had my b/w and ultrasound this morning all is looking great! I am hoping for a great Christmas present as well, hope to chat with ya through this cycle!


I’m on cd 11. I’m on bravelle shots . Have apt with re in the a.m. Hoping he hives me the go ahead to trigger and iui on Wednesday .


May I join? :slight_smile: I’m currently on cd7. Today is my last dose of Femara and I start Follistim tonight… Hoping it works and that I actually o and don’t overstim. :cross: If all goes as “planned”, I’d test sometime between the 19th-23rd eek.

Best of luck to you three! Hoping we all get an amazing Christmas gift! :cheer:


I’m hoping for a Christmas miracle as well! I’m on CD 20, been on Bravelle this whole time, right now up to 450 IU. Taking it’s toll on me. Have another appt w/ RE tomorrow, but not sure I’ll get any positive news, hasn’t been promising so far. Really would like that Christmas miracle after 5 years of ttc… Good luck to each of you and may we all have some :babydust: spread on us this season :pray:


Good luck you guys!! A Christmas BFP would be AWESOME!!!


Welcome Ladies!
Mcwaxler- what dosage are you on? How many follicles do you have so far?
CelineM4life- How did you appt go today? I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you!:cross: :cross:
lemonade- that’ll be around when I should be testing too!.. but of course I’ll start testing about a week after O :wink: I have just under a 100 Wondfos just BEGGING to be peed on!.. and turn positive! :smiley:
Preciouswolf- I’m so sorry that this has been so difficult for you! My hubby and I are on 4 years TTC and there are many days that I feel like it is never going to happen so I totally sympathize! I’m praying for positive news for you tomorrow. Have they told you what your next step would be if you don’t respond?:grouphug:
Ashelee- how’s everything going with you? how’s baby sweet pea? :wink:
AFM- Well, I just got the call from my RE’s office… he wants to lower my dose because my E2 is already 350… ACK! :eek: I have 2-4 follies between 7-9mm on my right (good) side and 1 9mm follie on my left side… and the cyst is gone! I go back on Wednesday to check again… GROW FOLLIES GROW!!!
Good luck everyone!!!
:babydust: :babydust: :babydust:



I have been on 75Iu for 7 days, had my b/w and u/s today and they uped my meds to 100iu for today and tomorrow, I go back on Wed morning. since I have Pcos there are tons of follicles and none have really taken off I have a few meeasuring at 10.5mm so keeping my fingers crossed by Wed there is some good news. Hoping the best for all of us:pray: :bsv:


SweetyKitty-Thanks. My apt was good…Ithink? My e2 today is at 1025! I have about 3 follies on each side ranging from 14mm to 12mm. Re changed my bravelle to 1 vial tonight, none tomorrow, and trigger on Wednesday with IUI on Friday morning. I am worried I might O on my own before then. Keeping my :cross: everything goes accordingly. I guess I am just thrilled they didnt canccel me like last cycle!

mcwaxler- stay positive my follies grew from 11mm to 14mm from Friday to Monday! :clap:

ashelee,Preciouswolf, lemonade, and whoever I missed spreading:babydust: :babydust: :babydust: :babydust: and:bsv: :bsv: :bsv: your way!
:pray: :pray: :pray: we all get our Christmas miracles!!!


Preciouswolf- keep us posted on your appt. hoping you get some good news! :cheer:

Hi ashelee- how are you feeling? :slight_smile:

Sweetkitty- cant wait to hear how yor appointment goes! :cheer: Did you just do follistim this cycle or a combo? Super excited for you and hope your follies grow!

Mcwaxler- I’ll keep my :cross: for you as well, please keep us posted!!!

CelineM4life- best of luck with trigger and iui. You better get to :dance: in the meantime! :cheer:

Afm- started Follistim tonight, went well! Did you ladies have any s/e with it? I took Gonal F back in September 2008 but can’t remember if I had s/e. il go for first folkie check & b/w Thursday morning. Keeping my :cross:


Hey all! Update, had an u/s today, although follies still only around 10 and 11, doctor was very encouraged by the progress of my lining and ovaries dropping, plus my estrogen level went way up (higher than we’ve had it go yet)! So today I expected to fully cancel this cycle and go on a 6 month break to try and lose some weight. Instead, RE was so encouraged he recommended I try 3 more days at 450 IU on Bravelle and he’s hoping that with the pattern I’ve shown from the last 3 days, that by this Friday I’d be ready to trigger. It’s a long shot, but the best news I’ve had in MONTHS! :woohoo: So although small news…I’ll take it! Hopefully some good news on Friday for us…for lots of reasons, :pray: but right now on the front of my mind is the cost of taking 450IU everyday! :cross:

How are the rest of you doing??

:babydust: :babydust: :babydust: :babydust:



[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Well I had another u/s and b/w today kinda nervous I have tons of follies the biggest at 15mm and the rest are right behind, the RE wants me back at 10 am tomorrow and if all looks good I can trigger, if they all take off over night I might have to cancel, although he did discuss selective reduction as an option if we choose to continue. This is all so scary to me , we just want success not to cancel. I will keep u all updated and I love the communication on this board!:bsv: :pray: [/FONT]


Mcwaxler- I really hope you don’t have to cancel! I’ll be praying that only a couple keep growing. Last cycle I had 3-4 follies on each side (not quite as big as yours… between 6-9 I think) and two days later I only had one at 18… all the others went away! So things can change quickly. Is your RE reducing your dose?
Preciouswolf- I am SOOO excited for you! I’m keeping my fingers crossed that everything keeps going well!
lemonade- how’s the Follistim injections going? I don’t really have any side effects other than some pinching feelings in my ovaries after my shot… but that might just be me wanting to feel something so I know its “working” :wink:
CelineM4life- Yay for 3 follies!! Are you going for another check before you trigger tonight?
AFM- I am jumping for joy right now because I have 4 follies growing nicely on my right side!!! All 4 are measuring 10-12mm and there are 1 or 2 smaller ones that probably won’t catch up since they’ve lowered my dose. I do have 2 on my left side also but my RE doesn’t think I can even ovulate from that side anymore because of the way my left tube fused and wrapped around my ovary. I’m SOOO excited! Keep growing little follies!
Good luck everyone!!!


Totally New to This

I have never gone through this process before. This thread seems the closest to my situation. I’m 34 and DH is 41. I no longer have functioning tubes so IVF is the option for us. I start the injections tomorrow. I don’t even know for sure what meds I will be taking. RE has had me on birth control for 16 days, I stopped that on the 28 and now I’m excited and nervous to get started. Any tips and/or pointers I would sure appreciate it. Good Luck to all of you!!! :cross: This is such a learning lesson in patience and appreciation.


E2 Levels

[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Well my Re called my E2 levels are at 572 not sure if this is good or bad any advice? They said it looks good I go back in the morning for the news on how we proceed!:bsv: :pray: [/FONT]


The injections are pretty simple and the needles are tiny! If you are taking Follistim or Gonal-F, they usually come with a “pen” that makes it so easy… put on the needle, dial your dose, and inject. Bravelle and Menopur I think you have to mix but I’ve never taken them so the other ladies will be able to help you more with those. My only advice- take your meds out of the fridge and let them come to room temp (about 30 min) before injecting… cold meds sting. You can also ice your injection site beforehand to numb it up a little, but again, the needles are small and don’t hurt.
Keeping my :cross: for you!
Good luck!:babydust: :babydust: :babydust:


Mcwaxler- That sounds good! Your E2 is linked to how many mature follies you have so lower= better in your case where they’re worried you might overstim… at least that’s my understanding. They want your E2 to correlate with your follies (200-400 for every mature follicle I think), and if your E2 is too high they’ll cancel. My E2 was at 350 on Monday, which is high for 4 days of meds and not very many follies so they decreased my dose. Today my follies are much better/bigger and my E2 stayed the same so they’re keeping me at this dose.
Hope that helped and didn’t just confuse you more :confused:
Good luck tomorrow!


Also hoping for a Christmas miracle!!

Hello All,

I’m new to this forum or any forum for that matter. =) I just started my 2ww after my first round of daily injections of follistim. IUI was yesterday and DH and I are also doing our part at home. :evilgrin: My concern is if I ovulated our not. I actually had 2 trigger shots, so hopefully one of them worked. I don’t have a history of regular O’s or of feeling myself ovulate, so I have no idea. :confused: I will start Progesterone injections tomorrow night. I opted for them versus the insertable form, reading all about the oily discharge made shots seem pretty attractive. LOL It looks like my 2ww will be up around December 13th, but I hate disappointing news, so who knows when I’ll find the courage to take the test. :nerd: It’s awesome to read everyone’s stories and to know that so many other women are out there going through the same things. Good luck to you all!! I’m praying for my Christmas miracle. :pray: :babydust:


Preciouswolf- great news!!! I’ll be sending you many positive thoughts!!! :cheer: Please keep us posted!

Mcwaxler- yay! Hoping all goes well! I too had to sign the “selective reduction” paperwork. Quite the serious ordeal. Eek! Not sure what those e2 numbers mean but they sound promising! :cheer: Can’t wait to hear how your appointment goes!

Sweetkitty- nice! Grown follies, grow! :cheer: When is your next appt? *I also had a little “pinchy” feeling down south after injections. Hoping that’s a good sign. :slight_smile:

CelineM4life- did you trigger today? :cross:

Jessijean- best of luck to you! Injections are a breeze! The needle is so tiny, you’ll be fine! :wink: les us know if you have any other questions or concerns.

Smith816- 2ww yippee!! Best of luck to you as well! Make sure to keep us up to date! :babydust:

Afm- I have my first follie check in the morning. :woohoo: I’m cautiously optimistic. For some reason I’ve been a nervous wreck this week. Dh is out of town, but gets back tomorrow. I *re-ruptured three disc in my back on Saturday, so doctor put me on 5 days of prednisone. I think that’s why I’ve felt so nervous all week; at least my back is better!!! :clap: Anyway, I’ll keep you all posted after am appointment.

Best of luck to us all! :grouphug: Really hoping we all get what we want this Christmas!!!


My appt YAY

Well goo dnews finally I had my u/s and b/w and they triggered me today! 3 great follies with alot behind pretty far! They told us to bd the next three days and take a test on the 17th so the waiting begins! :pray: How is everyone else doing I love reading your updates and hope we all have:bsv: :clap: