Hoping some twin mommies or expectant mommies can help


My SIL is 15-16 weeks along with twins, after her 7th IVF cycle :clap: . Her last OB appt at 13 weeks showed 2 healthy babies with strong 160-170 HB’s and right at 13 weeks. She had a ton of ms til about 1 week ago. She lost about 10 pounds the first 8 weeks, but is now back to her pre IVF weight (gained the 10 back) but nothing more.

She is concerned that she has no belly yet and no weight gain. She is tall and kind of thin, not super skinny but let’s say she is 6’ tall and wears a size 8-10 normally. She said she can still wear most of her clothes.

I am looking for anyone that can give me some insight to their twin cycle if it was similar?

We are super close because of our IVF journeys. I want to give her some reassurance.



She probably has nothing to worry about. Everyone carries differently. I am short and still at 16 weeks didn’t show that much, I just looked bloated really. It was around 20-22 weeks that I really just popped out.

Tell her not to be concerned!! Stress is not a good thing and being 6 ft tall I would think the babies have tons of room!! I know it is hard not to worry but it sounds like everything is right on track.

No more stress!! She can call her doc for a heartbeat check if she is really worried something is wrong or purchase a doppler. :flower:


I am short and has tons of food aversion, some morning sickness. I didn’t gain any weight until week 14 or so. I’m definitely showing now at 19 weeks–it just sort of exploded out. Someone else from my Summer 2010 thread is tiny and has practically no belly at all at 19 weeks. Her doc says everything is measuring on track and fine same as mine. I think everyone just looks different. Unless they are concerned about growth when they measure at the ultrasound, she should relax. Good luck.


I am pregnant with twins from a FET last August (15 weeks ), well, I am not showing as twins (I look like 4 months pregnant unlike my previous pregnancy with my twins (6yrs ago) , I was like 24 at 16 weeks .
Each pregnancy is different . I would advice her to check with her OB to an US and check the growth , if they are equal to 16 weeks then no worries .
Congrats for the pregnancy and good luck for you .


FWIW, even though I am not pregnant with twins, I am now 28 weeks pregnant and I weigh less than 1/2 a pound more than I did when we got pregnant. I lost several pounds in first and beginning second trimester, I slowly put it on mid-end of second trimester. I can still wear my “normal” pre pregnancy clothes, although some like my fitted jeans are feeling a bit tighter than comfortable so I have switched to maternity jeans but my dress slacks are still fine, dresses are still fitting, and normal shirts except a few button down that are tighter to begin with. As I said, I am pregnant with 1, but I am MUCH farther along so I think it is a fair compairson.


As long as her babies are growing properly she should be fine.

I lost about 5 lbs during my IVF cycle (no idea how that happened!) and didn’t gain anything until about week 12-13, and even then it was only 1-2lbs. I’m 21 weeks right now and have since put on a total of 15lbs, so I wouldn’t worry too much. I think I’ve put on 5lbs in the past week alone!


I was so worried I rented a doppler online so I could hear the heartbeats - I never knew if I was picking up both but could always get at least one. It was nice…


I didn’t show at all until I was 17 and a half weeks, then one day BAM. I had a belly. I’ve only gained about 5 pounds so far and I am 19 weeks along. Just like Brooklyn, I bought a doppler so I could ease my fears. Some mornings I wake up and feel like I have almost no belly at all, but usually by nighttime I have popped out again.