Hoping to do 1st FET soon-ish


Hello ladies!

I haven’t been around in awhile, been so busy! We have 3 frosties that we are hoping to transfer sooon-ish (3-6 months perhaps). I don’t even know what quality they are. Do you think if I ask my RE that he will tell me? I want to know what the chances are that it would be successful before I spend the money because our insurance will not cover it.

When we froze them, it was about 4.5 years ago after our 2nd IVF. Our first IVF only resulted in two viable embies and they did not stick. With our 2nd IVF, we had 5 embies and they put the two best ones back which resulted in our now almost 4 year old twins. They never really said what quality the other 3 were, just that the other 2 were the best.

So now we are thinking of trying to use those embies. I want to do a natural cycle because the reason we did IVF in the first place was fully due to my husband’s problems. Luckily, I have no issues and have great cycles every month (never thought I would call my period great lol).

So I will be researching on here to learn more about FET, in regards to success rate and costs for a natural cycle. I sure hope it isn’t too out of our budget. Honestly, we haven’t even paid on the storage in a few years, isn’t that awful!!! We moved and I forgot all about it. Ugh. So I sent them an apology email and my new address to send the bill. I don’t think they would have destroyed the embies without my permission, do you? I am anxious to see what they say. It was embarrassing to send that email!

Also, do you think they will tell me the quality of the frosties and what the success chance might be? I know some REs don’t do that, do they?

Thanks ladies!!!


Your clinic should have a record of the embryos quality. But I would think they are the best grade otherwise they wont make it to freeze. Yeah my doctors always tell me what the success rates are even when i transferred chromosomally normal embryos like they’re afraid it’s not gonna work but it is usually based on your age rather than your diagnosis and embryo quality.

I think natural cycle is great if you have regular cycles and much more easier on your body coz you dont have to do the nasty PIO shots but I think you would have to come in frequently for the ultrasounds, I am not sure. If i were you, I would just call their business office (all IVF clinics i have been too have a dedicated financial consultant for each doctor) and ask to speak to the person that can give you an estimated cost for a natural FET vs medicated FET.


Thanks! That is a great reply. I am going to call my RE tomorrow. I really hope it is within our budget. Honestly I feel bad spending any money on it when I already have 3 kids. I feel like I am being greedy. But we will see what they say at least, its free to find out lol.

Oh also, I am happy that you think they wouldn’t freeze them unless they were good enough quality! I am 31 now and was 28 when the eggs were retrieved, so that is good news.

I will update you ladies when I find out more, thanks!