Hoping today is the day!


Welp ladies, I’m sitting here getting ready to goto my RE this morning… they checked my Estradiol yesterday and they said that my levels are finally much much better! Yay! So I did yet another shot of Repronex lastnight and I go in for an ultrasound today… I’m starting to get so excited. If I finally ovulate, it will give me a new sense of hope. :cheer: I will let you ladies know what I find out! :cross: Let’s hope I get to trigger soon!


good luck!! :cross:


Thank you!

Well, my ultrasound showed lots of little follicles and 3 good ones! They are 15, 15, and 16… so still some growing to do… They want me to do 2 more days of Repronex (since I’m a slow grower) and the come back for another ultrasound on Thursday and hopefully trigger that day! I’m so anxious to see how this pans out. So hoping that this is the month! That would be the BEST Christmas present ever :slight_smile:


Best of Luck to you!!! My IUI is tomorrow or Thursday and I hope to have a great Christmas present also!! I will send good mojo your way too! :pray:


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Thank you! I’m really hoping this is finally the month. I have so much hope this month for some reason but I’m sure it will end in heart break like always :frowning:


wishing you luck!!!


Thanks guys! I’m soooooo worried right now! I went in this morning for an ultrasound and I have FOUR follicles in the “ideal” size! I believe they were 21mm, 18mm, 18mm, and 16mm. Sooo they had me do bloodwork to get my Estradiol checked and depending on the results of that they may or may not have me trigger. I’m so scared they are going to tell me not to. I’ve spent soooo much money on shots this month, and it will just seem like SUCH a waste of time, money, and most of all hope. I’m sick to my stomach. I hope they call SOON and tell me to go ahead and trigger. I’ll take 4 babies! I’ll take whatever I get! happily! I know that 1 baby is better but I just want anything. I mean, who knows if ever 1 will take. I wish I knew my odds… they said my lining is nice and thick so hopefully hopefully hopefully this works. I’m so worried. :frowning: Sorry for my rant…