Horrible side effects. Passed out this morning :/


I am currently on CD7 (3rd day on Clomid). My first day went great, 2nd and 3rd have been terrible. I’ve been very crampy, have had several bouts of diarrhea (sorry if TMI) and started feeling very dizzy last night. While in bed trying to sleep, every time I would pick up my head or move my body to change positions I would feel as if I were spinning. When it was time for me to get up, the dizziness was worse so I laid there for a min to try and collect myself. After a few mins I got up, put my feet on the floor and within seconds I had passed out. I am very concerned. My RE is not in and I really don’t want to stop taking the medication as I only have 2 more days then I’m off it but I am worried the symptoms will continue to get worse.
Anyone else experience these types of side effects?