Horrific Fert Report


So 44 yrs old and went to CCRM for my last ditch effort. Retrieved 15, 11 mature and 8 fertilized. By Day 3 we had 6. By Day 5- 2 embryos left. Yes two. I am so sad. What is the point of doing PGD for 7000 dollars for 2 embryos. Should I go for another month of stimming and try and increase that number? I have no issues other than the BIG AMA, arghhhhhhhhh.


I’m sorry you didnt get the fert report you were expecting. Those two day 5 blast maybe all you need. Best wishes :bsv:.


Well, you don’t have a lot of other information in your signature so it is hard to really get an idea of your “big picture.”

At age 44 2 blasts is NOT horrific. Most ladies your age would be thrilled to get two blasts, so be thankful. Your actual fert report was great with 8 fertilized and 6 still going by Day 3.

Are you absolutely committed to 5-day blast for CCS (if you have 5 day blasts they do CCS and not PGD testing at CCRM) testing? I only ask because pushing to Day 5 will always risk a large number of your embryos even at a lab as miraculous as CCRM’s.

Without any more of your pertinent information like previous children, their age, previous pregnancies, miscarriages, etc., my honest advice (since you asked for input) would be to skip the banking and get to transfer your blasts ASAP with or without testing depending on your finances and emotional state. Time is precious and prepping and stimming for another cycle holds no guarantees. I know you say you have no other issues but your Username is tryingattempt#4 - - was this IVF#4? What were the results of the other 3?

I may be a bit biased but I have now had success 2x with AMA: once at 39 and once at 42. In those instances I NEVER had blasts and never did PGD or CCS. With DD I had a 2-day transfer and with DS I had a 3-day transfer.

Unfortunately, I have come to believe the likelihood of AMA success is largely but not completely dependent on good genes more than anything else a person tries. Both DH and I had grandmas and great-grandmas more AMA than me and went on to have healthy babies. My grandma was 44 when she had my mom and my paternal great grandmother was 46 when she had her last. My husband’s grandma was 48 when she had her last. My doctor and I talked about this and at the time he thought it had little bearing on success; but I feel we have beat the odds 2x now and I give a good deal of credit to family genetics. Our problem was always more of just a sperm meets egg issue even before the AMA meaning no genetic issues, no uterine issues, no RPL. etc.

Just my 2 cents…and hope this does not step on a lot of toes. Only you can make the decision with which you are comfortable. I wish you all the best in moving forward. I know a person hears this way too often, but it only takes 1!!! My DD was the lone remaining embryo during my first cycle and ended up being my 2-day, 2-cell transfer miracle. Your miracle could already be contained in one or both of those blasts!!


Tryingattempt#4 - your fert report is actually pretty normal for your age. If you have the resources, you might consider banking your embryos and doing another egg retrieval since time is of the essence. I would also consider polar body testing (only checks the egg), which I think is done in day 1 or 3?

I think CCS is still informative for 2 blasts as it can help you avoid a miscarriage which takes up precious time and can cause other complications. A portion of that $7000 is for the FET.

Good luck!


I don’t really have much to add–just wanted to wish you luck in whatever decision you make!

My DH and I were 40 and 38 at our IVF. You actually got more eggs and more fertilized than we did. We had 5 make it to day 5, but none of them were good. We were told that if we waited to see what could be frozen that none would likely make it. We had 2 grade CC blasts neither of which looked very good and 3 early blasts with only one of those looking possibly promising. They didn’t give us much hope, but recommended we put back one of the best looking cc blasts and one of the best of the three early blasts. None of the others made it to freeze. However, we did get pregnant with one of those we put back.

We did not opt for PGD, but had lots of blood testing and an NT to rule out what we could based on our age.

Anyway, just wanted to send you lots of :babydust: :babydust: !!! :flower:


it’s super disappointing, isn’t it? I get it…i’ve never had more than 2 embryos to put back in - all done on day 2 transfers. remember it takes one good quality egg to get pregnant in this case so here’s to being positive.


When I read your post, I was reminded of the kick in the gut I got last summer. I had something similar - but the day 5 results weren’t as good. I had 10 embryos 7-8cells on Day 3, then on Day 5 none had made it to blasts. On Day 6 I had 2 blasts and 2 early blast. All were very average quality. One was found normal. I was given 30% chance for implantation. If you are up to it, can you do another cycle?


[QUOTE=tryingattempt#4]So 44 yrs old and went to CCRM for my last ditch effort. Retrieved 15, 11 mature and 8 fertilized. By Day 3 we had 6. By Day 5- 2 embryos left. Yes two. I am so sad. What is the point of doing PGD for 7000 dollars for 2 embryos. Should I go for another month of stimming and try and increase that number? I have no issues other than the BIG AMA, arghhhhhhhhh.[/QUOTE]

2-5 day Embryos at the age of 44 is fracking amazing, not horrific. Not to sound harsh, but the last thing you need to do in the IVF process is to feel needlessly “horrified” when you could instead feel relieved. Remember, it’s egg quality that deteriorates most with age, not so much uterine issues. I would kill for 2-5 day embryos.

During our last cycle, when my wife was 29, we spent 9,000 stimming and we got 2-3 day embryos that miscarried soon after implantation. Goodness knows there’s enough frustration to go around when you fail, I wouldn’t be so hard on yourself when you [I]succeed[/I].


Your fertilization report is an average report. I don’t know I would call it horrific. When we did our first IVF we had 24 eggs retrieved, of which 16 were mature and all 16 ICSI’d. Of those we had 11 fertilized. We had 11 growing strong on day 3, they continued to grow them out and on Day 5 we had two beautiful blasts. The longer they are grown in the petri dish the less you have in the end. I had a horrific fert report on IVF#5. I had 42 eggs retrieved (the most ever in all 6 IVF’s I’ve done) of which 32 were mature. There was no sperm in hubby’s fresh sample that day, but they did have frozen samples from him, so they ICSI’d all 32 eggs. Of those we had 8 fert! On Day 3 we had two left. Two embryos that we transferred and got a BFN. Even switching to donor sperm this cycle I had 37 eggs retrieved of which 25 were mature. Because we did donor sperm we did not ICSI this time and of the 25 mature 18 fertilized. Of those on day 3 we had 19 growing (one was slow at fertilizing) on Day 5 we transferred two and they watched them one more day and ended up with 6 frozen embies. That is the ONLY cycle of my 6 IVF’s that I had any blasts to freeze. In IVF#3 I had two to freeze day 3 and IVF#4 there was one to freeze on day 3 (it was different clinic and my new clinic will only freeze blasts) Anyhow, based on what I’ve had in my cycles your report seems pretty normal.

Like someone else said I don’t know why you want to do PGD testing because there is not enough information. I have only seen others do it when they have a history of miscarriages and they are trying to make sure they are only transferring DNA perfect embryos in hopes of not miscarrying again. Truly only you can answer if the 7000.00 is worth it or not. If you are wanting to do the PGD testing because you want to make sure that genetically you are safe then your answer would be yes. Sure you can get testing like NT scan and other tests during any pregnancy, but I know from speaking with other people who have been in my grief groups that it is not easy to make that decision to end a pregnancy when/if something is found to be wrong. And the grief that comes with that is definitely worth 7000 if you can avoid it (in my opinion anyways, my daughter died of a cord accident and nothing a PGD test would have for told)! Anyhow, I wish you luck in deciding what to do or not to do. I would be transferring the two blasts myself, but that is me. Only you can decide what to do in this situation! Good Luck on your journey!


Sorry you are feeling disappointed. I go to CCRM and I ended up with 2 embryos as well. I am not doing the PGD testing. Of course this will likely be our only attempt at IVF. Good luck. My attitude was not great at first but it is getting better and I am thankful for the two that we got. It is a chance!


So sorry to hear the news. It is frustrating when you don’t get the response you were hoping for. I did 3 cycles at the age of 31 and ended up with 1 or 2 embryos each cycle. Sometimes it’s just how it goes.

You’ll see plenty of women on the boards who have 1 embryo on Day 5, and that little embie sticks and they have a beautiful baby.

We decided to do the CCS testing because out of 4 transfer of 6 embryos, we had 3 BFNs and 1 miscarriage. For us, the testing was a no brainer. It helped us identify 2 of the 5 that had no chance of implanting due to chromosomal issues.

Your diagnosis will likely be a factor as well. DOR girls can expect 1-2 embryos each round, even though it’s frustrating, it is a numbers game. The first IVF can also be a testing period, where the doctor figures out how you respond. They don’t seem to tell us that, but my first two were pretty much experiments with disappointing results that led to better rounds for 3 and 4.

Good luck! And feel free to vent or share anytime. That’s why we’re all here :slight_smile:


@ webelieveinmiraclse- thanks, I am greatful for ANY blasts, but was praying for better odds because of due to my AMA I was told 80% of my eggs will be chromosomally abnormal.
@Nightowl- I had no idea, but have now learned. With a FSH=5.6, AMH=1.2 and AFC=13 that I would have such poor egg quality. I had a successful fresh cycle at 37, and had 6 BLasts frozen and subsequent FETs were 1- didn’t take, 2 implanted but didn’t continue to grow. I tested one and it was chr normal. The other I couldn’t bear to test.
@yellow- polar body testing was not mentioned to me at CCRM but I will call them and ask, these are Day 5 PGD
@ahhny- thank you so much, I was obviously delusional. Our infertility problem was sperm morphology and motility and volume.
@my11:11wish- they do have banking but I would have had to request it before I started stimming, now I would have to pay again
Juia- just catching my vent

Thanks for all the good wishes and great advice, I have a 2 ww for PGD result and will keep you all updated. They decide if I want to get more embryos they would change my protocol to microdose lupron. I was on EPP with saizen and dexamethasone. Don’t know why they chose to change it but imagine that this is supposed to improve egg quality. My question is that they would put me on BCP for 2 weeks, I thought for my age that was supposed to be not a great idea? Any thought?


Gosh, I would be thrilled with these result. This journey is so difficult and even though we all know better we are always wanting and wish things were just a little better along the way. We wish our E2 were higher at that first monitoring. We wish there were a few more follicles on each ovary, and on and on. I would have a hard time paying $7K to test 2 embryos. You had such a good response I would be tempted to just pay for another cycle right away and test all the embryos together.

Good luck!


Trying, I feel bad that you were so caught off guard and upset, so I just want to validate that; but I agree with what NightOwl and others said… Less than 50% of all IVF cycles nationwide regardless of age have embryos left to freeze. Pushing to day 5 embryos sacrifices many but with the idea that the embryos that are the most genetically robust will survive to day 5. Do you have a specific known reason to perform PGD? Otherwise I agree that it may be better to do a fresh transfer and/or not risk biopsy; you can obtain much more comprehensive genetic info from microarray testing via CVS. Of course I learned the hard way that not all placentas are approachable by CVS, and I really didn’t want to have to make a decision as late as the amnio stage… It’s definitely not a walk in the park to have old eggs! I hope that you are successful very soon; good news is that you are still able to produce a lot of viable eggs and get to the day 5 embryo stage which is awesome! :grouphug:


I guess you are right we all want a little bit better. Unfortunately, we don’t have the option to bank those and gather more embryos I found out today they were already biopsied. 1 5ab 1 5 bb
The only reason we decided for PGD was that the last 2 FETS the embryos implanted but stopped growing. That was heartbreaking, than they didn’t abort naturally so I had the other trauma of going through D&Cs. Traumatic,traumatic,traumatic. How soon can you do CVS?


@ that made it wre chr abnormal, moving onto adoption. Good luck all you fellow IVFers :clap: :clap: :clap:


[QUOTE=tryingattempt#4]@ that made it wre chr abnormal, moving onto adoption. Good luck all you fellow IVFers :clap: :clap: :clap:[/QUOTE]

Sorry it didn’t work. I was really holding my breath for you. This is so hard. I hope that you are at peace with adoption.

and if you do decide for another cycle- we’re here.:grouphug: