How Can a Donor Embryo FET Fail?



I am brand new to this site and I hope this is the right place to post this. Apologies if it isn’t.

My DH and I have been TTC for 5+ years. As you can see in my signature after dozens of IUI’s and IVF’s all failed, we just moved on to DEm FET. We did not step into Donor Emb lightly but once we did, we embraced this with our whole heart.

We have no medical issues other than old eggs. So we did Donor Em FET two weeks ago and the 30+ HPT’s upstairs are all negative. My beta is tomorrow morning and I don’t even want to go.

If a doctor says your own eggs/sperm are bad and suggested donor FET, then how can that fail if EVERYTHING else looks GREAT- perfect actually was what the embryologist called our two hatching embryos.

Before we do this again I want to be armed with more information. My doctor doesn’t believe in immune issues but what else can it be?

I would love to hear from any of you that finally found the magic embryos and if you did anything different or sought out immune testing.

Isn’t kind of rare for a Donor Em FET to fail?

I feel like I have failed my doctor, my husband and the lovely couple who produced beautiful embryos and so unselfishly gave us their gifts.

Thank you and all my thoughts are with you for the smell of a newborn baby in your arms.


First of all, YOU have not failed. Donor embryos overall have a 30% to 50% chance of success, so no, it is not rare for them to not work. I completely know where you are coming from though. Our first cycle with great donor embies in September failed. Bad eggs were our only issue as well. We ended up changing clinics but only because we had to travel for the first cycle and during our first cycle, donor embies became available locally. At the new clinic, my doctor gave a chance of implantation at 60% to 70% because the embies were great quality and especially because they were vitrified (the first batch we used were not vitrified). One other issue that potentially was an issue was that my lining during my first transfer was 16 mm, my current doctor said that was too thick and she never would have transferred with a lining like that. My second (and successful) transfer had to be moved up because my lining was growing so fast, and we transferred when it was 11.

I am now pregnant with twins. I think it is completely normal and typical for it to take a couple of tries for success with donor embryos. But please, don’t think a failed transfer has anything to do with what you did.


Also, I don’t think this was the wrong place to post this but there is a page for embryo adoption and you may get more feedback if you post there as well:


Thanks, Alphie! And congratulations on your twins!!! I can’t even imagine what joy that must be!!


Yes, as a pp poster stated, it is not guaranteed it will work. Once those beautiful embies are in your uterus, it’s up to God, mother nature, whatever. And there are so many unknowns scientists still don’t know about when it comes to why an embryo does or doesn’t implant. My situation was similar to yours if you look at my signature, except we only had to use donor eggs, hubbie’s sperm is perfect and we were relatively young while pursuing treatment, so age or sperm quality was not an issue for us. I was eventually diagnosed with premature ovarian failure after 3 horrible IVFs starting at 29yrs old. I was told my ovaries and eggs act like that of a 45-50 yr old at only 31. Even so, everything else for me was perfect as far as my uterus and hormones. Just had bad eggs and bad tubes which were removed. Well, with the first fresh transfer of 2 top graded fresh quality embryos from a 26yr old donor, it was a BFN, even with a uterine lining of 10mm with the triple layer they talk about, estrogen levels perfect. Who knows why it didn’t work, only God does. But we had 2 frozen embryos from that cycle that we transferred 1.5 months later, and what do ya know, it worked. Both embryos took and I now have healthy 5 month old twin boys. The only thing different I did with that transfer was 1. I did acupuncture before and after transfer, and 2. I had started taking a daily baby aspirin and folgard (a high dose folic acid, B vitamin supp)… Those meds were started because I insisted that my RE run the immunological testing (actually they call it a “miscarriage” panel cause they usually only run it after 3 mc’s), but I knew this was our last try ever, and I told my RE that if this worked and I got pregnant, I would be ****ed if I lost it due to some unknown issue we could have tested and treated me for. Well, wouldn’t ya know, it comes back positive that I have one copy of the MTHFR gene mutation which can affect the absorption or folic acid, increasing the risk for neural tube defects and also somehow it puts me at an increased risk of micro blood clots, the reason for the 2 medicines. So who knows if any of that is what made it work, or if it was just by chance. I’ll never know. Just don’t give up and keep trying. When our fresh transfer failed, my RE’s exact words were,“With donor eggs (or embryos in your case), persistence is the key. It WILL work”. And he was right. So hang in there and don’t give up on your dream!