How can we turn off the ads


I am sure this isn’t the right place for this post but I was wondering if anyone knows how to turn off the ads in everyone’s post. It is very annoying.


I have Adblock installed on my computer and I don’t see them at all. Maybe try downloading that.


this is new to me too - I don’t see them in every thread. but this thread has ads in every post.


Thanks. It is weird, it is like it just started yesterday for some odd reason. At first I thought it was just me until I saw other people asking about it too.


I saw them starting around 10:00am eastern yesterday:


I see them in the top two posts on this thread.


maybe browser dependent? I am using Firefox.


Still seeing the annoying ads.
It’s 1pm EST and using Internet Explorer.


[QUOTE=Melagoo]Still seeing the annoying ads.
It’s 1pm EST and using Internet Explorer.[/QUOTE]

I still see the ads. 10:11PST, using Chrome browser.

I’ll report as I see them.


I reported a few, but honestly they are in nearly every post…


I’ve e-mailed you one :slight_smile:


I no longer see them in this thread, but I see them in several others - “Worried” and “Braverman” in particular.


That sucks that the aite was hacked everything ok?


[B][I]GWU1991[/I][/B]: I sent you a PM.


Ah, much better. Thanks!