How did you and your family afford ivf?


Hi there!!! I was just wanting to know how did you and your family afford ivf??? I have a little one year old son, who just got diagnosed with Fragile X syndrome and IVF is my only hope for more children… the place im going to is charging me around 13k for the whole deal…
what are some tips you have?


:welcome: I understand the hardship of trying to afford IVF. I have decided to search around and find differnt clinics that offer discounts for out of town patiens and others that offer discounts for self paying patients. I’m not sure where you life but I have GA & DC to offer the best discounts and self paying programs. Las Vegas also has mini-IVF for about $5000 (with a 50% success rate). There is also another one SIRM that’s in that same ball park. The also sometimes gives away free IFV cycles medication not included. Depending on if you are willing to travel there are som good deals out there. I hope this helps.:grouphug:


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