How did you feel the day before retrieval?


I have my first retrieval tomorrow morning (thanksgiving day) and not sure what to expect. I have 29 follies ready to go and triggered the night before at 9:30pm and did ganirelix in the morning. I had a good amount of cramping today and took a tylenol so that helped. Also, I have had tons of EWCM everyday except now this afternoon it is dryer. I am so nervous that I will ovulate before the retrieval tomorrow. Could that happen?

Do most of you cramp up right before? How bad is it? What is your cervical mucus like?


Hi Kim! I can’t speak to the risk of ovulating before ER, but I will say that I had a normal amount of CM before the ER, and some after too. I didn’t notice a huge decrease before ER, it kind of stayed the same the whole time leading up to it. I do know how carefully we are monitored and how the drugs pretty much run our bodies, so I wouldn’t worry too much about it; the docs know what they are doing and I’m sure you will have a successful ER. Everything is perfectly timed for a reason.

As far as how I felt, I actually felt worse two days before ER, so the day of the trigger shot. I felt so bloated, crampy, even like my stomach hurt. The bloating seemed to almost extend up past my uterine area. The day before ER I felt pretty good and not so bloated, actually. I almost felt normal! Then they day of ER, and after that up until I got my period (see signature) I was very bloated. A lot of that was from the progesterone, but some I attribute to the way my body does things - I am always crampy, bloated, moody and tired after ovulation and before my period.

Hang in there and good luck! The good thing is that the heaviness and soreness in your ovaries will go down slowly after the ER. It wasn’t as bad as I thought overall!


I’m sorry, I have not been through IVF yet so I do not have any insight on this, but I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this question posted before, and the responses indicated that this has happened to others. I read a post recently that said it is very uncommon to ovulate before ER, so I wouldn’t worry about it too much. I don’t think you’re the only one to wonder this.


I had AF like cramps the day before my ER. I talked to the nurse and she said that was totally normal. I know my clinic is open 365 days a year so your’s must be too if they are doing your retrieval on Thanksgiving.

Good luck tomorrow!