How Did You Keep Your Sanity During Your 2WW?


I’m not crazy, but this 2ww can drive the most sane minds crazy! LOL. What did you ladies do to keep your sanity during your 2ww? Thanks.


I just try to keep myself busy with as many no-stress activities as possible! I’ve been listening to audio books while I drive, reading these forums as well as some blogs and comics while I’m slow at work, and happy movies and tv when I’m not busy at home.

I try not to spend tooo much time scouring the internet for infertility/pregnancy related things, as that definitely doesn’t keep my mind off of all of this!


I don’t think I’ve accomplished “sanity” during this 2WW…its my first IUI…today is 13dpiui and I think AF is on her way…I’ve gone nuts overanalyzing every symptom I’ve had…trying to be be realistic and optimistic at the same time…I found that I was most “sane” while I was super busy…strangely enough, cleaning my house for hours straight was the best time I’ve had this two weeks…all I can say is if you are anything like me (an obsessive worrier and overanalyzer) keep busy and use the ladies on here for support so you don’t drive your DH nuts too…good luck!


Try to keep myself as busy as possible. I try to think of a project to pass my time. I sometimes pick up a craft project or rearrange the garage. With the holidays i would say dive right into decorating and stuff to keep yourself busy.



Thanks ladies for all of the suggestions. This weekend I will probably pick up some supplies from Michael’s and start a Christmas project.


This is my first IUI and it feels like time is standing still, LOL. I have a dog show this weekend, so I am sure I will be quite busy Thurs - Sun. I am hoping that takes my mind off the wait.

Plus, my house is a wrech so I am going to try to do some heavy duty cleaning. That will surely keep me occupied.

I also enjoy keeping up with this forum. I haven’t been surfing the net for preggo stuff yet.


i went to my mom’s and had some friends over
and then it was EID (Muslim festival )
and when it was all over it was 12dpo and i got the faint postive
and belive me 2ww was not that hard but the day from the faint :bfp: to the first beta and now the first U/S


Hi Ladies,

I’m towards the end of my 2ww period and am going to do home pregnancy test on 12/4 per my RE (IUI done on 11/18). The first week after IUI went pretty smooth for me as I was excited about the holiday shopping, Thanksgiving and all. Did some quiet reading at my free time, shopping for furniture with hubby…etc so I think it helped put my mind at ease. But this week all of a sudden my world has tumbled upside down! I spent hours yesterday sitting in front of my computer googling every little possible pregnancy symptoms that I might be having. Staring at my BBT chart trying to detect a major temperature shift or whether there was an implantation dip, things like that. I’ve officially gone crazy and feeling very tired by end of day. The mental torture is just unbearable!!!

I’ve been feeling fatigues and have to go to bed early every night ever since I used progesterone suppository the day after my iui. Feeling thirsty all the time and urinate more frequently. These could be all from the side effects of progesterone as I’ve heard. My BBT chart did shift upward after my iui and my day 20 progesterone level is over 15, which means I did ovulate. But even with progesterone my temperature was not a lot higher than my previous cycles with medication, even though I can clearly see a higher pattern there after the iui. I did observe a dip 7 days after the iui which might or might not imply an implantation dip, but I’m not reading too much into it.

I only had 1 good size follicle from this cycle so my chance might not be big, but still I’m hoping for the best!

Hang in there ladies!