How do Follistim and Clomid work together?


[B]I’m doing mini IVF and my doc’s protocol is to take Clomid for five days and follistim for I think two. If the clomid triggers eggs, what does Follistim do? Also does Follistim counter the effect Clomid might have on the uterine lining? I’m also going to take [B]ganerlix acetate, or however it’s spelled.[/B][/B]


I had the same protocol for my IUI. Basically the Clomid tells your brain to tell your ovaries to produce eggs, then the Follistem tells your ovaries directly to produce eggs. So basically they do the same thing, but in different ways. The Follistem did nothing to help my thin lining–only Estrace helped with that. The Ganirelex will keep you from ovulating before you have enough follicles ready.


Thanks for your response and congrats on your pregnancy. Is Estrace a cream? I’m supposed to use something called Endometrin.


Thanks for clearing that up! I used Crinone for an IUI once and it was icky.