how do you start?


We did not pursue fertility treatments, so we don’t have a clinic we’ve been working with. How do we go about starting down the path to embryo donation? What is the first step? Choosing a clinic that has donated embryos waiting for homes? Or should we think about some criteria or qualifications before choosing a clinic?


I haven’t had personal experience with this, but I would find a clinic you like and then talk to them about their embryo donation recipient process.
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Thanks for the reply… Someone suggested a link with clinics nationwide, but when I went on a lot of their websites, most don’t talk about embryo donation programs. I’ve emailed all of them to inquire, but only one actually listed this as a program, so I wonder if that’d be the only one with a developed enough program to be worth pursuing?


I found that most of the clinics have the program but do not advertise since they have a very limited number of embryos available. You could also look at sites like Miracles Waiting that have more of a community approach. There has been quite a bit of success with girls from here it seems. We just got matched with embryos from our clinic and are going to be scheduling our FET hopefully for the end of May. Good Luck!


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Hi just wanted to say that yes, most clinics will have an embryo donation within their clinic however most wont show that on their websites. I know a lot of the clinics I have used or am a patient at which do have embryos which were donated from other patients, they do not advertise this as they have many current patients which are awaiting them. Best thing would probably be to find a clinic within your area or a clinic in an area which you would travel to and call them and ask them if they have an embryo donation program. Though I would expect a wait for that program. I agree also with sleepydragon that Miracles Waiting is a great option. In order to make a profile as a recipient you do have to pay a 150.00 regristration fee however that never expires, or atleast it didnt when I became a member myself over 2 years ago, and are on the site at this time as donors. Yes it is quite ironic…to be recipients and to now be on the other end. Best wishes to you.


Here is another great resource Dr. Craig Sweet in Florida has a new Embryo Donation Bank.



I used the SART website to look at stats for clinics near me first: SART: IVF Success Rates (when you pull up a report for a clinic, scroll down to “Donor oocytes (all ages)” and over to “Thawed Embryos” and I think that gives you the best idea of their success rates. The best clinics have about 50% success. This also tells you how many they do a year, although I don’t know that these #s are actually representative of donor embryos or just fets from people who used donor eggs. Also at the very bottom, it lists that clinic’s services and says “Donor embryos” - yes or no. Then I called each of the clinics I was interested in and talked to their IVF coordinator, or whomever was in charge of the donor embryo program. That person should be able to give you their approximate wait time and/or how many people are waiting currently, as well as their success rate. As for me, the few clinics in my state all have 2 to 3 year wait times, so I am flying out of state (although it’s only a cheap, quick hour flight) to a clinic that had a 4 to 6 month wait time. I actually received embryos in 3 months and that was for caucasian embryos. I know the wait time was even less for hispanic embryos.

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:thankyou: so much for the info to get me started!