How does your RE measure your NK Cell levels?


My RE rates NK cell levels on a scale from 1-5 (goo to worst). Before treating with inralipid infusions, my NK levels were beyond 5. After 3-4 treatments, my NK cell levels dropped to level 3.1, per my RE’s scale. I had my 5 day transfer at this level and am now worried that that my NK levels were still too high.

Does anyone have any experience or insights to share? What were your NK levels during time of transfer?


Hi Sally,

I am not sure of any scales yet… I am set to have the BW done for the NK cells very soon becaues of RPL. But, I would love to hear any information that you have about the Nk cells and excatly how it works… and how bad the treatments are!! I’m sorry to read about your :bfn: in your siggy. Good luck with your future treatments


How do you check the NK levels?