How early can I hope to have a vaginal birth with twins?


Hi ladies! I’m exactly 32 weeks and 5 days with b/g twins. Did anyone go a little early and still manage a vaginal birth? Yes I know many other factors need to be in play, but assuming everything else is a go, could I hope for a V birth earlier than 38 weeks?


Hi there!

I haven’t had twins, but as a pediatrician I’ve been to tons of deliveries for premature infants and my experience has been that they try to deliver preemies vaginally just as much as they would for term babies. The delivery process is actually beneficial for their lung function, so I’ve known lots of OBs that (all else being equal) have delivered preemies vaginally. I don’t see any reason it would be different for twins…

Good luck and congratulations!


I opted for a c-section but when I had to have them at 36 weeks my dr said I could have them vaginally (breech extraction). I don’t think it’s any different then a single birth time-wise.


Thanks for the replies ladies :wink: