How far along are the improvements?


It has been about 6 weeks since the forum went abruptly offline for a few days and then returned to announce improvements were underway. Can you tell us about how far through the “upgrade” you are? If this the fastest the forum will ever get? Will it ever be iPad friendly? Thanks, Inquiring minds


I just wanted to acknowledge your post so you know it was seen. Unluckily I have absolutely no control over the technical side. I am here to monitor and ensure the forum rules are followed and to pass on issues as I am aware of them, but that is all. I have forwarded your posts to our office so I hope it will be responded to later today. They are on the west coast so it is still pretty early there. I know that isn’t much of an answer, but I wanted to make sure it was at least acknowledged.


I can barely see some of the forums–some of the time! I use internet explorer and apparently it doesn’t want to load most of the pages I try to access. Is it a problem with internet explorer or is it an overall issue with the site? I haven’t been able to load the frozen embryo transfer forums for September or October for a couple days. Very frustrating!


GWU1991: Thank you for your response. I’m hoping the testers and site designers are busy fixing the slowness, slow to appear posts, incompatibility with the iPad, etc… I’ll take a guess and hope they are only about 30% completed with the “upgrade”, but given these issues are 7+ weeks old and counting I won’t hold my breath.


I use internet explorer and while the site is definitely slow I haven’t found any threads I can’t open at all. I did try both of the ones you mentioned and can open them as well as people did post to them yesterday so others can open them as well. You might try clearing the history and the cookies on your computer and see if that helps.


I wish I could tell you something, but I haven’t been told anything myself. I’m sorry. :frowning:


I did try that and no luck. I’m not sure why it’s not working on my specific computer. It just comes up with a blank screen when I try to load them. Most of the threads come up fine and even quickly but for some reason the FET ones don’t want to work. Apparently I am just out of luck. :frowning:


The whole website is so slow, they are going to start losing user to other sites, and new user will not even give it a chance. I hope they hurry!


After about 8 weeks, I’m thinking this is all the better things are getting around here. The site administrators don’t need to say it–their actions speak much louder than words. Most users have moved on to other websites and who can blame them? :confused: