how i feel right now


Got my period again
I should really be used to it by now
Its been coming faithfully every month
Now for many years
But now that pregnancy is once
Again a possibility
There are those few days
Every month
Of hoping
Of praying
Will this be the month?
Could it really be??
But then, no,
Those hopes are crushed
On a monthly basis
Flushed down the drain
Along with a side of cramps
And feeling lousy
After month
…After month



[FONT=Georgia][SIZE=4]I know how you are feeling because I feel that way too, but we can not give up on the hope that one day our dream will come true.Chin up & positive thoughts:bsv: [/SIZE][/FONT]


We have eachother

I know that the ttc journey can be a very difficult one, but you are not alone. I’ve recently joined the site as well, and the ladies here have shown me tremendous support. I look forward to the post when you get your :bfp: . Hang in there, :babydust: and :bsv: to you.