How is everyone here?


Hey ladies
Whats had happened here??
We book our appointment at biotexcom on 12 of April.
Feel so exited
Baby #3 are on it’s way. Wish us good luck


Hi, dear! It’s marvelous to hear such news!:slight_smile: Also what a coincidence it is!! We’re going to have our 1st app conducted in the same Biotexcom clinic but a bit earlier - 10th March. This is our first DE IVF after 2 IVF failures with my own eggs…Our doc also suggests us PGD testing due to my miscarriage a year ago, you know, just to make sure the baby is healthy.
We’re going to book the program of 5 attempts, its cost including the needed for the protocol meds. This is also great they give a guarantee along with the treatment. In case of 5 failures in a row they refund the money paid.
This avatar image expresses our greatest desire to become parents one day. I truly hope that 5 attempts with donor eggs will be enough to fulfill it.
Wish you and everyone struggling good luck with the treatment.
I feel so excited and thrilled at the same time. Holly Xx


Hello lovelady. I feel so excited right now. I have booked my first appointment at biotexcom in the middle of May. I spend a lot of time thinking and researching but I don’t want to wait any more. We think we will choose VIP contract with donation. Hopefully everything will go well. I’m a bit nervous. I can’t wait to choose donor for our program and meet our surrogate mother.
Wish us good luck


Good luck with the treatment to everyone here, ladies! :slight_smile: I’ve also got some good news to share with you. I’ve already posted this in another thread as I’m so overwhelmed and excited with the beginning that wanna share news with everyone!!
Just to keep you updated we have our 1 st app in Biotexcom finally conducted!! I absolutely liked the way it was going.
We both came to the clinic to undergo the required tests (blood tests for both, pap smear, sperm count). The doctor studied medical records, performed transvaginal ultrasound check and evaluated our chances to successfully accomplish the program. He didn’t say a single word about difficult conceiving in my ripe age - 40 yo (which seemed to be the first aim for the specialists we’ve visited before. And this made me really surprised!!) He said there is always the way out and that there are no age limits only the health ones. Then he explained us the treatment plan and patiently answered all our questions (Believe me, this was not the shortest list!!). Our package price also covered the medications needed for my protocol.
Finally we’ve booked a DE IVF program for 5 att as it goes with a guarantee. (In case of 5 failures they refund all money paid.) This is just that program I’ve written before. Then we had all agreements signed.
Our doc is marvelous, understanding and supportive. I think this is the best acquaintance of all we’ve had up to this time.
Hugs, lovelies xx Fingers crossed for us all!!


I see there are loads of great news from my dear ladies… SamanthaSun that is so exiting
Hopefully I will be on your place soon I book my first attempt in biotexcom in May
It’s so inspiring to read all good news here:)


Yes, absolutely!! I’m so glad reading women are moving on whatever their problems are. Super brave ladies! :slight_smile:
What about you? What procedure are you going to pass? This is so nice to have someone from the same place. I think we could chat over a pretty great amount of things :wink:
Hugs and good luck x


I’m going for DE surrogacy… And put a lot of hopes on it
Please let’s keep in touch it’s so nice to hear the real experience, fingers cross for you
What is the name of your doctor? is she any good?



Hi, Kelly! How is your visit? So interesting to hear your impressions about clinic)) I was in biotexcom and I hated my visits there… too many people, too loud not my babies)) huge lines made me crazy. I really hated them. And after meals I had stomach ache. Just interesting maybe it’s me so crazy and intolerant!! The only advantage it works for little price) I have a baby and I am happy that I finished with biotexcom))) But maybe for second…


Bria, I haven’t been there yet, my first attempt will be in the end of May, I feel so exited! About the crowds it’s more good than bad thing for me. It’s mean clinic is popular and I really want to talk with women who face same problem as i did.
Do i understand you correct? You want to come for a second child? When do you think you will go if you will? It would be really great if we can meet.


Hello girls! Thanks to this forum we chose Ukrainian clinic. Our first meeting with our doctor was in July and now we are waiting for news. We chose economy package for €29 900. There were also packages with more services for higher price. We can’t afford to pay more now. We had 5 failed cycles of ivf before. Those procedures pulled a lot of money from us that’s why economy package suits us the most right now. This package includes all necessary services so I think it won’t influence the final result) I wish all of us good luck!


Girls, it’s nice to read your stories! I’m so happy for all of you. Though we can’t conceive naturally, we are lucky there are clinics, which can help us. I had de ivf in 2014. I’ve got pregnant from first attempt. We were on seventh heaven! Our girls were born in May 2015. We’ve just celebrated their first birthday. We used Ukrainian clinic BioTexCom. We are happy parents now! I have no regrets. At first I was afraid that my children will look differently from me. I thought that I won’t be able to love kids from egg donor. But when I got to know I’m pregnant all those doubts were forgotten! Finally happiness came into our family. We had really bad times and this procedure gave us chance to live full life! Girls, I wish you and your wonderful kids all the best!


Hi, everyone, it’s nice to hear your stories. I’m very glad a lot of you gained your happiness. Our journey was positive too. we started it a 2 years ago in biotex, I saw you were talking about. Just want to say, we were totally satisfied with all conditions there. To our big surprise, we were provided with everything, like the accommodation, food, driver, interpreter. All medical stuff was polite and professional. I have no regrets about my experience there. And we are happy parents right now, we have passed through everything. Ocean od the despair, devastation, sleepless night but it all worth our pain.


Our doc has been the kindest person I’ve ever met! Very understanding and supportive. She seems so compassionate of what she’s doing. and this is a great luck to see among docs nowadays. I mean bio tex com is purely not the place where all they care is you money. but this is a reputable repro center where all your needs are met and you are treated not like ‘‘cycles’’ but like individual cases!! which definitely makes difference!