How late is it okay to bleed before FET?


Usually when I stop BCP it takes about three days for me to start bleeding and it’s usually a pretty normal period and then that’s that. But this time I spotted (old brown stuff) the entire time I was on BCP. FET is scheduled for two weeks from now and only just today I’ve started what looks like a normal period. Is it possible for my lining to still be ready on the 16th?


I always spot/breakthrough bleed during the BCPs too and it’s never been a problem. Are you taking other meds before the transfer? If so that should stop your period pretty quickly.


With our last fet I spotted up until a week before our original transfer date. We ended up having to push the transfer out a couple of days because my lining wasn’t cooperating…likely because of the spotting. Once I stopped spotting things improved significantly and we were able to move forward with just the minor delay.

This time around, I didn’t start my period until the 16th of November which was just alittle more than 2 wks prior to this transfer…we just transferred today. My period lasted maybe 3-4 days and my nurse told me prior to getting my period that I might not even get it because I was Lupron. I wouldn’t worry too much yet. Good luck to you!


Thanks ladies, I feel a bit better thanks to your comments. I’ve been on Lupron for about two weeks though, so I don’t think it will do much to stop the bleeding. My last u/s before transfer is a week before transfer, so I hope they will be able to tell if it needs to be pushed back by then because my RE is a three hour drive away. I’ve never had problems with my lining not shaping up before though. Who knows, maybe this will be just the right cocktail, lol.


I didn’t realize you were on Lupron - if I’m remembering right that’s happened to me too. Have you started estrogen yet? That’s what should stop the bleeding.


I’ve been on estrogen therapy for about nine days now, 2x day a couple of days ago and start 3x a day on Tuesday. It looks like the spotting is beginning to subside, it’s back to old brown stuff and don’t even need a panty liner at this point. Hope it’s gone completely withing a few days!


Oh good, I’m glad it’s stopping! Here’s to a nice, fluffy lining! :cross::cross: