How long after BFN do you have your WTF visit with RE?


I got the official :bfn: today and am taking it as well as can be expected. My RE won’t be able to see us until Dec. 7th, one month from now. I’m not sure if I can wait 1 month as I’d like to get his insights on what we can do differently, and if there are any areas that we should treat some more.

For those with BFNs who are planning to continue treatment, how long do you have to wait for your WTF consult with the RE?

Does anyone have any recommendations how I can continue improving my well being during this time? What do you do to stay positive in between cycles?

The only silver lining for today is that I’m relieved I don’t have to take another PIO shot tonight.


I didnt have a visit with my doc. my clinic says to see dc after 2 failed cycles. i got my bfn on 11/10 and i started stims for my second cycle on 11/11.


WTF visit with my RE…

WTF, what a good name for it! I had mine on 11/2, five days after my BFN and that’s when we decided to try again with a December IVF. Maybe you could see if they could fit you in sooner? I was just in time to start BCPs (day 5 of my cycle)…felt good to start doing SOMETHING instead of waiting. Good luck and hope you can move on to some next steps soon :grouphug:


thank you 44ila for the :grouphug:

I noticed you will be starting acupuncture. It’s really amazing how a few needles can bring so relaxing …I’ve been doing acupuncture on and off for my cycles and enjoyed every moment. I hope you get as much out of the visits as well.


hi girls,

with my BFN our first round, we had to wait a couple of weeks, I think, so having to wait a month must be VERY HARD! BUT, if you’re ready to get started again, I’d say call your clinic and see what you can do! We had to wait 3-4 months before things really got started because my AF wouldn’t show her stupid head…they finally had me take BCP to get things started again. SO, if you’re ready, see if you can start doing something to get the “show on the road”!!! Even if you still have to have that WTF visit!

hang in there, girls!!! DH and I are a success story! Now, it only took us 2x but we have 2 beautiful girls to show for our hard work!

I’ve heard acupuncture is GREAT and not only helps relax you, but also can help prepare your body for success!

also, just keep on the forums and talking with peops who are trying or waiting to get started again! it REALLY helps to stay on with the support that’s here!


I just got my :bfn: today and had already scheduled a phone follow up with the doctor for a week from tomorrow, so a week and a day from the beta test. I called yesterday because I got :af: over the weekend so I knew I’d be a negative today and I wanted to get in ASAP. A month does seem long… can your dr. do a phone consult at least? I am planning on a FET whenever the doctor says it’s okay. I know how hard it is to wait! There is SOOOO much waiting with this process, isn’t there? Ridiculous!!!


I understand

Hi, I just wanted to jump in here and let you know I completely understand what you’re going through. My IVF resulted in no pregnancy, no frozen embryos, sadly, just more bills.
The day I got the call, the office ***(istant ;-)) told me that she was sorry but there was no hcg in my blood test and the doc was booked up like 2 weeks. I was like whatever beeyatch! (I was pretty pissed) but I scheduled the appointment anyway. Then work got in the way so, I had to reschedule and I had to wait ANOTHER whole week or something like that.
THEN, once I got to the appointment, my poor DH was so frazzled because of me crying every day and night and I was overcome by my own sheer confusion about the outcome that we were like freshmen in high school again and we both just froze up and I had like 1 stupid question. So, yea, I understand how miserable you may feel righ now. But I suggest you write down all your questions no matter how dumb they seem so you won’t forget to ask all your questions. good luck !


wishfor1more - Let me clarify …I have to wait one month for a phone consult with my doctor (Dr. Zouves, Bay Area). The receptionist didn’t mention anything about a in-person consult.

Unbelievable. And I’m not happy about the response from his office either.

But at the same time, he’s top notch, and that’s the price patients mudy pay for working with an RE amongst the best in the country (or so I’ve been told).


[B]SallyJosie: [/B]First :bfn: was 7/23, WTF was 7/26 (lucky me!) Second :bfn: was 9/23 and WTF was 10/4. Either way - they usually require you to take one month off to let your ovaries rest. Here are my tips for staying sane while waiting:

  1. Stay busy! Make plans with friends, family, DH.
  2. Travel, drink wine, eat sushi, have an advil if you need it or a second cup of coffee. :slight_smile:
  3. Exercise! I missed this during my cycles. I now exercise 6 days/week.

Good luck!


Thanks everyone for the tips.

I do plan on exercising, drinking more coffee and wine, and eating sushi!! I had my first glass of pinot last night and it was divine. I had hazelnut coffee this morning and a bagel, it was the best. Perhaps I will have sushi later this week.