How long did you wait in between FET's?


I just did a half-medicated/half-natural FET and got a :bfn: . I got my period today, and was told by the RE that I can try again this cycle (this month). I will be going in to the office in 2 days to begin monitoring and possibly, meds.

Just wondering if anyone has had a failed FET, then had a successful :bfp: the very next month with another FET? How long have you waited in between FET’s?

Thank you for your help!


Hi, I went back to back with my last 2 FET’s. I would have at my old clinic too, but they only operated every other month.

I had my last BFN in August and then started (a very LONG) FET protocol when my withdrawl bleed started after the BFN. The FET protocol at my new RE’s office was 8 weeks and included BCP, withdrawl bleed, lupron, delestrogen, PIO.

You can definitely get a :bfp: right after a:bfn:

Good Luck!


Hello I did an FET the 1st of September and got a BPN and went straight into the October cycle and got a BFP two weeks ago!!! :cheer: My doctor said its better cause your body is figuring out what it should be doing if you do them back to back!! Good Luck to You!!:pray:


Thank you so very much! I really appreciate your response!