How long did your twin pregnancy last?


I’m 32 weeks and 2 days :wink: Just wondering about a general average from you ladies :wink:


Mine went too long! I was two days shy of 38 weeks. I was so uncomfortable at that point I was begging for relief and an induction, but the hospital would not do a routine induction until a full 38 weeks, that is, without an amino to make sure the lungs were fully developed. Finally I went to a new dr and he mercifully stripped the membrane. I went into labor a few hours later. My babies were 6lbs 3 ozs and 6 lbs 8 ozs. They were healthy and strong. No nicu time. It was a blessing that they were so healthy, but those last few weeks nearly killed me!

They just turned three and I never think about the pregnancy anymore. But when I do, I cringe at those last weeks. I am, however, very very grateful for their total health. So many twins have little issues from prematurity. I chalk it up to blessings from above. And also from an excellent diet, lots of rest, and the fact that I have a long torso, and had room to carry the babies a long time.

If you are having twins soon, I have a few recommendations I always mention to people having twins. You totally don’t have to read this.

1 read the la leche league book on nursing twins. Even if you don’t plan on nursing the second half of the book deals with how to cope with twin infants and twins into toddlerhood. It’s the only book I read that really prepared me, and I read lots. Elizabeth nobles book called multiples and more was also really great. Dealt more w the pregnancy part though.

  1. If you cook your own meals, and don’t have a second freezer, get one, and stock up on things. Buy prepared foods for dinners for the first fews months. or cook and freeze ahead. Do huge shopping trips and go less frequently. Also, in prep for those crazy newborn days, get lots of paper plates. Dishes are such a pain, and ESP if you’re trying to establish nursing w two, there is so little time in the day. I had never used paper plates in married life, but we went to them for about a year. Recycle to feel good about it :slight_smile:

  2. Get your help lined up now. If you’re established and have some change in your pocket, you should have a cleaning team at least twice a month and also at least a part time nanny, night nurse. If you’re a stay at home mom, have someone come in to care for the babies at least twice a week so you can take a nap, shower, or get out. If you’re on a budget, still get the cleaning team, but shop around for cheaper or ask for help with future cleaning from family when they say ’ what can we do to help?’ Also, get a college or high school student to be a routing mothers helper to come in to do odd jobs, watch babies so you can get out, fold laundry etc. you don’t have to pay a lot. I recommend at least twice a week. Probably for about 18 months, if not forever. If you’re a working mom who is putting the babies into child are right away things are easier, bc you’ll have more balance. Either way, congratulations and good luck! :slight_smile:

Twins are so much fun. Take lots of pictures and make sure to join your local twins club. They are so great, and full of great info and support.


AWESOME and WOW!!! Thank you for all the tips Sweetpea!!!


I had mine at 36 weeks 2 days. I started developing HELLP and they needed to deliver them for my health, I think they would have stayed in until my scheduled c-section at 38 weeks if not for that. They didn’t have any problems eventhough they are considered preterm and roomed with me the whole time I was in the hospital (no NICU or anything :)).


I went to over 36 w, and only had a c section because I got scared that I wasn’t feeling them move as much. I basically convinced the ob to take them out, I had an irrational fear of stillbirth. I know I would’ve gone all the way to 38/39 weeks.


I’ve now made it to 35.3 weeks!! Very heavy gained almost 70lbs and I’m hardly eating!! The pelvic pain is CRAZY!!! I haven’t had more than 2.5 hours of sleep in succession since mid February!! If I knew there would be no NICU time and they would both be strong enough to latch and nurse like champs I would be ready to go TODAY!! As of last week they are both almost 6 lbs :wink:


Hi Jillybean. I am 35.1 weeks today and can definitely relate. I was doing well until just about last week. I can barely walk and will like they will come out of my belly button! But have been lucky to be able to sleep at least 5 hours at a stretch at night and usually have not problem falling asleep after waking up to go to the bathroom.

What is the latest your Dr. will let you go? Mine will deliver me at 38.2 if I last that long. How often are you going to the Dr? What are they checking.

It still feels surreal that I will have 2 little babies so soon!


That is awesome, and great weights, too! You’re almost there, just try to keep that end in sight, I know how hard it is with the pain. I still remember how painful it was trying to move in bed (I had to hold my whole belly and try to turn, and it was PAINFUL!). You are so close! Are you going to try a vaginal birth and waiting for the babies or do you have a date set-up to have them (induction or c-section)?


Thanks for the responses ladies :wink: I made it to 36 weks today!! :dance: I now go to my CNM/OB every Tuesday and my MFM every Wednesday till I go into labor or 38 weeks. Tuesday my CNM will check for any dilation/effacement both babies have been head down since 30 weeks so since they are di/di I will try a vaginal birth…so hoping I’m able to do it. My medical team is very supportive of me. I’m ready to meet these babies and not be in such tremendous pain and discomfort!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Congratulations for making it through so long! I keep watching this thread/section to see, if you finally can keep your babies in your arms! Please, please, keep us up to date! I’d love to hear your birth story!

Good luck on your natural birth. I think, that’s just so great that you are trying!