How long do you take baby aspirin after BFP?


For those of you that took or are taking baby aspirin for no specific diagnosis other tham to possibly help lining and implantation, how long did your RE have you take it after you got your BFP? I know it’s bad, but I didn’t tell my RE I was taking it. I took it when I conceived my son a few years ago, in an IVF cycle with a different RE and the new RE didn’t tell me to take it. Since I got a BFP the first time, I wanted to take it again this last time. I just don’t remember how long I took it before!



once i got my bfp i was told to d/c it so i only took it from trigger to beta or about 20 days


Bumping this as I have the same question…thanks for any replies!


I’m also curious. I went to one RE who told me to take for anti thyroid antibodies (none of my other docs seem to know of a correlation there but I guess RE#1 believes BA helps everything). Went to RE#2 for IVF who said to keep taking since I was already; now I’m 11 weeks pregnant and neither RE#2 or OB are sure about me stopping since they didn’t request it in the first place. I guess they say there’s no problem being on it and they would rather be safe than sorry, but I’ve had 2 babies without BA and I’d prefer not to take any meds unless absolutely necessary.


I think I took mine until at least 12 weeks if not longer. I just know it was quite a ways into my pregnancy before I was told to stop it.


I took it for my entire pregnancy.


I took mine up until about a week before delivery!

Urza- Congrats! I have to go read your blog! Your recent FET is very similar timeline as mine last year!

GL to all you gals!


I only had to take it until about week 7 or 8.


K9NIC: So sorry for your loss!

EOE: thanks for your replies. My RE said I could stop taking in this week (I’m 8 weeks) and discharged me to my OB who I am not seeing for 2 more weeks. I know women who normally get pregnant without any issues do not normally take baby aspirin, but since it took me so long to get pg I am worried about everything. Like, I don’t have a clotting disorder that I am aware of, but this is the first time I have been pregnant and I don’t want to risk it if there is no harm in taking it you know?