How long for AF after ectopic/methotrexate?


How long did it take for you to get AF after having ectopic/methotrexate shot? I had the shot on Aug. 11 and started bleeding on Aug. 19 for about 7 days(was told it wasn’t AF but my body miscarrying). Now we are looking towards doing a FET in November so I’m anxious to AF to get here so I can have an idea of what my cycle will be. I called the nurse today and she said it’s hard to know and to just wait it out…so I guess that’s what I’ll do.


Hi. The wait is so long - I just went through it! I had my metho shot on 7/31 - bled for 2 weeks afterwards & got my 1st period on 9/11. I am starting cyclying again next month!

I wish you all the best & good luck! I hope she comes soon!!!



I’m not sure if this thread is still active, but here goes…

I had the MTX shot 4/23, started bleeding about 36 hours later & continued bleeding for about 4 days. My nurse said to consider that my period. Mabelina- I’m curious since it seems like we were given different advice. When did you get your next period after your post-MTX bleed? Not that it really matters at this point since I have to wait 3 months— I’m so upset about that- really feeling down right now & lots of ‘why me?’ thoughts when I should not be- I know others on this forum have had much worse.

Any advice is appreciated- thanks!!


Hi gang, just thought I’d add my story. I had an ectopic preg in Feb of this year. My story has really drug out.

Feb 15, 2010-started spotting
Feb 16- beta #1
March 4th-methyltrexate
April 5th-stopped spotting (yes 45 days straight)
April 7th-beta 0
May 29th-still waiting for :af:
June 3-appt with RE to find out what’s up? :grr:


Terri, I can’t believe you had bleeding/spotting for 45 days straight! Gosh that must have felt like it was never going to end. Glad you are going to get in with RE soon to see whats going on.
I just got my shot this Tues, began the spotting on Thurs. Got more bloodwork done today and level has gone down some so thats good news. Out of all of my miscarriages for some reason this has been the hardest emotionally, I think because it’s such a long process and not over quick like a D&C. My RE told me it could take 3 weeks for my level to go to 0 and that I could bleed for that long as well. It’s just hard having the bleeding drag out for so long, like a constant reminder of the baby that could have been if it just would have found it’s way to the uterus.
The 3 month setback doesn’t help either. Just makes you feel like you are taking a huge step backwards.

I’m really struggling emotionally this weekend. I held up pretty good all week but lots of emotion has surface this weekend for whatever reason. Maybe b/c it’s a holiday weekend and everyone is out having fun and living their lives and I am sitting at home mourning another loss.

I saw that you had IVF with your ectopic. I am seeing that a lot on here. Did your doctor explain why that seems common with IVF when it never has to travel through the fallopian tube? We’re looking into IVF this fall after my 3 month break passes. Baby wishes to you!!!


I guess this thread is very old, but, some newcomers might need some advice as well.

In June of 2009 I had a random period about 10 days after AF had finished. I took a pregnancy test thinking I might be miscarrying and indeed, it was a :bfp:
I knew straight away the pregnancy wasn’t going to be viable b/c of the amount of blood. (I had previa with DD and knew about bleeding while pregnant.)
My OB thought it was a miscarriage since the bleeding stopped that week and my cervix was open as well as having low hGC results.
I started to bleed again, heavily, with a lot of cramping, less then 2 weeks later.
After u/s and more blood work, it was determined to be ectopic and I had Metheltrexate on July 10th. 2 shots. Bleeding was minimal for about 3 days.
FINALLY, in September of 2009 I got a Zero beta and in October had an actual period.
6 mos later and still TTC DC #2.


Methotrexate for Ectopic

Hello everyone, I’m hoping you can help answer some of my questions.

Once given the Methotrexate how long did it take for you to start bleeding? (Do my levels have to be at 0 in order for me to start to bleed?) How long did the spotting/bleeding last?
Did you have a HSG done after your Ectopic?

Please share your experience with me.


Hi Webelieve -
I’m not sure if you still need an answer on this.

I also had an a ectopic pregnancy in December 2012. Unfortunatley it was my second ectopic. I had just started spotting and bleeding when they gave me the mth. shot. At that point my beta level was up to 6000, but they could not find the llocation of the pregnancy.
I had bleeding for about 2 - 3 weeks on/off. Your beta will need to get to zero before you can expect to get your period. I just started my period this week on 2/1/13, after getting my methotraxate shot on 12/21/12. So, about 8 weeks total from BFP to AF.
I hope you are starting to feel better soon, at least the physical part. Emotionally I have good days and bad. Ectopics are so unfair and not too many people understand. I don’t know about you, but for some reason I get so upset when people talk to me about my “miscarriage”. Maybe I’m just hormonal or too senstive but I just feel like an Ectopic Pregnancy is a very different thing than a miscarriage. Not to downplay miscarriages or the pain that women go through after that loss.


[SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]Ejo – Thank you for the support. I spotted Jan 10- Jan 30th. My levels hit 0 on Jan 30th and this is when the spotting stopped completely. I’m now waiting for my February period. I’m thinking AF will arrive Feb 28th or first week of March. The earlier the better![/FONT][/SIZE]


My last beta was on 1/24 and it was 27. I was due to go back the next week but then I started my period, so I skipped the last blood draw, just assuming I must have gotten to zero.
With my first ectopic it was the same for me, once I hit zero my period began immediately but I know its not the same for everyone. My dr. had advised that it could take 4-6 weeks from a zero beta to start your period again and toexpect that the cycles might not be regular at first.
With my first ectopic, the first period afterwards was horrible, extremely painful with heavy clotting. This time, the period started out normally but has gotten lighter as the days go by.

good luck to you! Do you plan to try again?


Yes, we will start our 1st IVF in the next few months. As soon as I get my period I’ll be on BCP for one month then start stimming.


[QUOTE=“smr302, post: 849067, member: 46447”]Hi. The wait is so long - I just went through it! I had my metho shot on 7/31 - bled for 2 weeks afterwards & got my 1st period on 9/11. I am starting cyclying again next month!

I wish you all the best & good luck! I hope she comes soon!!!

HI Stacey,
I took metho shot about three weeks ago, I am still bleeding can you suggest your center. I just wanted to visit .