How long on bedrest after fet


how long were you on bedrest???


just day of FET and day after.
When is yours?


I have always had the rest of the day and the day after.
I’ve been through 3 different clinics and 6 transfers


My clinic says rest of day and then day after. So if i had transfer on wednesday, i would go back to work on friday.


My RE has me do 2 days of bed rest after day of transfer. Last time I did a Friday transfer then went back to work on Monday which also helped me miss less days of work.


[QUOTE=lbzg]how long were you on bedrest???[/QUOTE]

I must say I was able to take alot of time off from work following my fresh transfer. It had the transfer on a Tuesday and I was off the rest of the week. My RE said I only needed 24hours of rest. I just made sure that I did not lift anything heavier than a laptop and I kept my legs elevated. I also ate the core of a pineapple a little at a time until the day of my first beta. It may have been coinsidence however it all seemed to work and I now have an eighteen month old. I also made it a point to get a massage every two weeks starting two weeks before my estimated retreival date. I continued the massages until my second trimester was over.

Now I am just waiting until September to begin my journey into the first FET for me. I plan on doing all of what I mentioned above for the FET too. I am really excited and I so hope this works on the first try or else I will need to return to another IVF cycle. I do not have time on my side so I am really praying this one works!

Good luck to you and lots of :babydust:


No bedrest for me! I was told to take it easy the day of transfer (and after taking the valium I needed a nap for sure), but my clinic has not seen that there is any benefit to bed rest for any of their procedures.