how long on lupron?


I started lurpon injection on cycle day 21 and have been on lupron 10 iu for 14 days. Today comes my AF. I call it a new cycle day 1. My baseline test today showed that my ovaries have not been suppressed enough. I was told to stay on lupron for 4 more days and go to do another baseline test.

This is my 1st IVF cycle. Is this normal to be on lupron for so many days before stimulation? I am concerned about the possibility of oversuppress now. :pray:


Hi Marilyn-
You need to be adequately suppressed before you’re even on the road to being oversuppressed! Don’t worry, another few days should do the trick. If you have problems with supression, some docs will add a BCP.

You may expect your AF to be a little late on Luporn. Many women have reported this.

Also, once you start stims, you will probably stay on Lupron (at a lower dose) to keep you from ovulating those precious eggs! So in other words, get used to being on Lupron :woohoo:


Angelique, Thanks a lot for the reply. It is very comforting to read your post. I will try to be calm.