How long should I wait? Do I need a specialist?


Hi, as some of you may have read in other threads, I had a missed miscarriage at 13 weeks on 5/20/12 and D&C on 5/30/12. My husband and I want to conceive ASAP, but our doc wants us to wait at least 2 cycles.

It has been 6 weeks since my D&C and I have not yet had a cycle. I called the doctors office and asked if I could be put on a cycle of Provera to get things going and they want me to wait at least 2 more weeks before considering that. I feel like time is just ticking away and we’re not doing anything to make use of the possible increase in fertility after the MC :grr:

Also, a little history on me I am PCOS and diagnosed with hypothroidism. I have always had irregular periods and am currently on Synthroid to treat hypothyroid. I have been reading that both these diagnoses are linked to MC, but my doc treated my preganancy as low-risk/normal.

Should I be seeking out a specialist??? Is it time to see an RE (even if that’s not covered under insurance)???

I would appreciate any opinions or experiences you ladies have had. Thanks!


Hi, pinkykzoo. So sorry for your loss.

Care is definitely a choice you have to make on your own, and there is no right or wrong path, but 1) I would, if you haven’t already, try to figure out what happened, if possible. Hormone related? Unavoidable chromosomal issue? Etc. 2) I’d consider at least a consultation with an RE. If you’re concerned that you’re possibly not getting the full care you want and need, I’m a big advocate in being aggressive and taking control of the situation. You don’t have to be a crazed maniac, but no doctor wants this as much for you as you do. They see it every day. The ups and downs, and I think they probably get a little numb to the individual struggles. Be your own best advocate!


Hi Pinkyzoo. I’m so sorry that you had to go through this. I’m in a similar situation, we lost our baby at 13 weeks, although we didn’t find out until 14 weeks, then had a D&C at 14wks5days (20th Sept 2012).

I’m 34 and was diagnosed with hashimoto’s hypothyriodism at 5 weeks pregnant, and started immediately on thyroxine. Its under control now and both the obstetrician and endocrinologist don’t believe that the loss was due to this.

We don’t know for sure what happened to our baby, but at 12 weeks the ultrasound showedstong heartbeat and growth on track but also a large cystic hygroma (fluid filled mass at back of head and neck) of 6.7mm. This is a strong indicator of either chromosomal issues or heart defects.

I’m desperate to try again immediately. I’ll be 35 next month, and we’re getting married in europe in august next year. So i feel if we don’t try right now, we need to wait 6 months, or I’ll either be too pregnant to travel, or about to give birth going up the aisle. I’d gladly postpone the wedding, but what if we’re trying for months or we lose the baby again.

I’d be interested to know if you tried again soon after or what the specialist said.

I hope your heart and your body are healing and that you are blessed with a baby soon.


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HI Jack,
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Can you suggest what the problem might be?