How long those it take to get a period after failed ivf?


I started my ivf cycle some months back, everything were going normal but the problem I hard was, I have a lot eggs and the doc. Ve to put me on med. to reduce the number of eggs. During retrieval the got up to 47 and 22 were good. 16 girls and 6 boys. About a week ago two embryo was transferred , after two days in for blood work everything looks normal. But when I retuned for pregnancies test it was negative. The nurse asked me to stop all med. and since then I ve not seen my period, but their is know changes in my body I just feel ok . Pls I need advice because am depressed, due to the negative result. Help pls


My transfer date was on 10/14/2013. Although yesterday I saw my period, by tomorrow going for blood work. Am doing FET.