How long to abstain from ejaculation?


I have a bit of a dilemma today.
I thought my IUI would go ahead this morning, but it will likely not be for another 2 days. Problem is that my husband has abstained for 4/5 days. It will be 6/7 days by Wednesday and our IUI.
Has anyone been advised on this? I wonder is it better to clean out the pipes and just have 48 hours, or would he be better off with the longer period.
No issue with sperm quality/quantity. Any advice appreciated.


Our doc always tell us no less than 24 hours before an IUI but 48 is the preferred time frame.


What little said is exactly what mine tells me if he has abstained that Lon and you have two more days a little bd won’t hurt… It’ll force his boys to make new fresh little guys and 48hours is a perfect time to build up


Its better to have him have a hold of 48 hours instead of 6-7 days. Sperm starts dying off after a 4-5 day hold.


Thanks for the replies ladies. Our clinic advises 3-4 days of abstaining before IUI. They did advise us to clean out the pipes this time with 48 hours to go, so will be interesting to compare numbers to previous attempts.