How long to physically recover?


Hey girls, I had a :wings: and a D&C on 1/20/12. I had put on between 10 and 13 lbs this cycle, I really think most of it is from being bloated, but I’m sure some is from my own habits of not being very active (I was scared to cause a problem with the pregnancy), and eating what I could get down with the round the clock MS I had. I wasn’t eating horribly, actually I was eating mostly proteins as that is all that wouldnt turn my stomach. After the D&C I immediately started eating really well and exercising the day after with no luck as far as losing any weight. Since I couldnt even lose a couple of lbs the first 2 weeks I was eating well and exercising, I thought maybe when the beta hit 0 my body would start cooperating -no such luck. My beta took about 3 weeks to get from 15000+ down to 0. I am still huge, with most of it centered around my stomach. I know I am retaining water like a beast as well as none of my rings fit when they did all through my cycle. Is this normal? Now I am thinking maybe my body needs :af: to show up for my weight to start getting back to normal. Does anyone have any insight as to when the bloat starts to go away? Normally my body responds really well to eating well and exercise, but now I feel like it doesn’t matter what I do my weight gain wants to have no part in going away. BTW, right after the D&C I started taking Royal Jelly, CoQ10, and DHEA, so I was thinking maybe thats why :af: hasn’t started yet, but I don’t think any of them are supposed to make you gain weight or retain water. Any insight?

While I am still sad about the :wings: , I have been dealing with it well and emotionally I’m ready to move on, however physically I feel so horribly uncomfortable it makes me not want to do anything where I can’t wear my pjs or workout clothes. Plus, I am very scared of starting a new cycle with this extra weight from the last one as I know the stims will only make that even worse. I would love any feedback anyone has :nerd: .


Hi SweetPeony. I am sorry for your loss. I had the same problem and I also gained more than expected. My FS said absolutely NO exercise for the first 12 weeks at all. Must say, I wouldn’t mind gaining weight as long as it ends in a healthy pregnancy. For me, the bloating has only gotten better after AF showed. I’m sure the hormones in our bodies are going bonkers after a m/c. After AF arrived, I lost all the weight I gained in my pregnancy in less than 2 weeks. But for the first month absolutely nothing happened, no matter how much I exercised and how healthy I ate. It’s like my body was “stuck” in a phase of resistance. So just keep at it, all the weight will drop off once your hormones realise your not pregnant anymore. Remember it’s not only HcG hormone, but a cocktail of many many hormones. I don’t think the vit’s can make AF stay away, if its possible that you could have fallen pregnant 2 weeks after the d&c, you might want to take a test. Hope this helps. Please keep me updated?


FranS- Thank you so much for your reply. First, good luck to you with your IUI, I hope in a couple of weeks you have some wonderful news:cross: .

That is really good to know that the bloat seems to disappear with AF. Unfortunately, I know I’m not currently pregnant, so it couldn’t be that. I agree with you though, I didn’t mind putting on the weight when I knew there was a baby that would (or I had hoped would) come from it. Now I am just a little worried as I don’t want the extra lbs to compromise my next cycle. Today was horrible, and I am more convinced than ever that it is water retention as my ankles are HUGE, my rings don’t fit, and the puffiness is just in strange places that people don’t usually gain weight. It is very reassuring to hear someone else has experienced relief from this once our pal AF shows up :nerd: . Thank you again for your response and I wish you lots of :babydust: and luck with your IUI!