How long will my OHSS last!?


Hi everyone! I’m new here but this seemed like the place to go for support.

I’ve had OHSS for the last week and a half. My ET was on 6/16 and at first I just thought the bloating was gas, but once it started to hurt to laugh, lie down flat and breathe I figured out that I was hyper-stimming and went to the doctor. He prescribed bed rest, gatorade and protein, saying that it’s all about staying comfortably uncomfortable. Of course this was right before a trip to the beach for a wedding that my DH was in, so I couldn’t go :frowning: and my in-laws were out of town at the same wedding and my parents were out of town at a different one! What a time to be alone! My DH’s aunt ended up taking me to be drained, because I just couldn’t handle the pain while being home all by myself! Anyway, it came back full force within 36 hours so I went back to the dr and he said that I could get drained again, but he thought I’d be better off just letting my body ride it out and regulate on its own, (with the gatorade, protein and bed rest). He said he thinks I’m at the tail end of this mess, but I am doubtful after having read many posts about OHSS lasting for weeks and even the whole first trimester.

It’s killing my summer though and all the wonderful plans I had. :grr:

I just wanted to see if anyone else on here could relate or tell me your story for a little inspiration.



I had OHSS also. Thank goodness I didnt have to have fluid drained but I sure did suffer. Just walking short distances were horrible, Was as short of breath as I was towards the end of my preganancy.
I think mine lasted till 9wks. It gradually got better and was the worse from 3-6wks preggo


Thanks for the response JMiller10! I’m only 5 weeks 4 days so I’m probably still in the thick of it. Were you on bed rest the whole time you had OHSS? I’m bored out of my mind but can’t imagine what I would do if I had to be at work with this mess happening inside of me!


Hey Teacherwolf,
I am so sorry you have suffered from OHSS I have to experienced this ( as viewed in my siggy) and I had to have 2.5 L removed. I was just before my transfer and my RE strongly advised me not to do the transfer and I can recall him saying if I got pregnant it could take weeks for it to subside and he wanted me to enjoy my first trimester. So very reluctantly I went with his decision and went with a FET. So with all of that being said you probably only should have just a couple weeks to go through it and you will be back to normal. I had a friend that went to the same RE and from the beginning of here pregnancy maybe a couple weeks after she found out her OHSS lasted for about 6 weeks so she was about 9 weeks after she was back normal.
Congrats on your pregnancy!!!


Teacherwolf- first, congrats on your pregnancy :slight_smile:

I had a bad case off OHSS, was hospitalized twice because
I couldn’t keep anything down, not even water. The pain was unbelievable. It last my whole first trimester but the worst of it was probably 4 weeks (with the vomiting anything I ate). The rest was just being really uncomfortable with bloating, I could feel my ovaries jiggle when I walked (not fun at all) I was on bed rest for 3 months.

Try chicken noodle soup, the really salty one, I forget the brand name. That helped me a lot when I got to the point I could hold food down.

Sorry nothing you can do but wait it out.


I am sorry you are dealing with this. OHSS is terrible. Mine started 5dp5dt, the same day I got my BFP. So, that’s the good news! :slight_smile:
I was almost drained at 7dp5dt, but they determined it was better just to wait to see if it got worse, which luckily it did not.
I felt totally better (well, minus the early pregnancy yuckiness) by about the 7 week mark. The bloating never really went away though, it just turned into a baby bump. But, the uncomfortable, hard to breathe sensation definitely got better quickly.
I hope you experience the same thing! I was glad mine took place in the winter/spring because I could still cover up a bit with baggy clothes. In the summer, I know that would be much harder


Thanks for all the encouragement ladies!! Yesterday was the first day in about a week and a half that I woke up and said, “hmmm I don’t feel worse than the day before…” The doc said that’s a good sign and it should only get better from here, so I’m not totally on bedrest anymore but I shouldn’t get going full force since I’m only just starting to get over this hump; I certainly wouldn’t want to make it worse!!

On another positive note we saw TWO tiny flickering heart beats so we are just thrilled!! I’ve never made it to a heartbeat in pregnancy before so I didn’t know what questions to ask, but see that a lot of signatures on here give the beats per minute. I’m only at 5 wks 6 days, should they be able to tell me that info yet?

Thanks and yayyyy!!


Congrats on your twins!!! So exciting!

My RE also told me that OHSS will not get worse or come back after it gets better. I hope you continue to feel better every day!