How long...


How long is it from when you choose to do IVF and when you actually have it? I’m starting CD 1 probably tomorrow and after talking to the doc we’ll most likely do IUI this month and then consider IVF in the future, but we move in 5 months overseas and will have no fertility care available… I’m wondering of we should just make the plunge to IVF or if I’ve got time to try IUI first… TIA!


It depends on your clinic–do they cycle people together in groups or let each person choose their own schedule? If you are put on BCPs, the entire process is about 8-10 or 12 weeks is successful (4 weeks of pills, about 2 weeks of stims then ER, ET, the test for pregnancy is 2 weeks later, ultrasounds and monitoring follow if pregnant before released to an OB).

My office let me choose when I wanted to cycle, so it was up to me once the decision was made. I did have to have some pre-IVF testing completed before I began BCP. Good luck.


2-3 months to get to result. Get all of your workup done in advance so you don’t have to wait.


Thanks! We might try the one IUI first then since he’s home for it, then freeze sperm and try iui or IVF before we move… fingers crossed!