how many betas did you do?


We had our beta today at 13dpiui (12-13dpo) and it was 92, prog 40. I asked if i need to come back Monday for a repeat to make sure they are doubing and the nurse said no. She had with numbers like that, this early, they dont expect a problem and to just come in on the 16th for our U/S. Is this standard? She did tell me that if I was really concerned they could draw my blood Monday but i live almost 2hrs from the clinic. Im in limbo here.


First of all, congrats!

I suppose how many beta tests they do depends on the RE. With that kind of distance, I can understand skipping a 2nd beta. Is there a lab closer to your home that could take your blood?

If you really want it done on Monday, I’d say go and do it. If it will give you more peace of mind, it would be worth it.


Im 6w and have had 3 beta’s


My RE doesn’t give me betas, but that might be bc he doesn’t feel the need for me to drive 3.5 hours just for bloodwork.


Gah! I hate needles so much that I would be happy with just the one. You are more brave than me.


I think Im going to go just for peace of mind. I need it or Ill go crazy.


My RE is 2 hours away, but they will fax me an order to have my blood drawn closer to home. You can ask your RE to do that for you.


[QUOTE=md08]I think Im going to go just for peace of mind. I need it or Ill go crazy.[/QUOTE]

I felt much better after my third where I knew it was a solid number and still doubling. With your history from the IVF I’m surprised they aren’t insisting, maybe rend them of that if they’re hesitant?


i just had one. :frowning:


They did that for my progesterone and would do it for my beta. However, I went there for the beta on Friday bc they run it in the office and you get the results within the hr. If I use the local lab, I have to wait 24hrs for the result :frowning: Since I used the office on Friday, I want to use the same place for a repeat so I know the results are accurate. I was told once that different labs can sometimes be off a little. Not sure if thats true but I would always wonder.