How many eggs did YOU transfer per FET


I am having a hard time choosing and want to know how many you ladies transferred for your FET. Clearly it is a personal choice but I am just looking to see what others did. I am still thinking one, but i think it will depend on how the two defrost and how they look whether we transfer 1 or 2


All of mine are eSET but that’s because I have a weakened cervix and my doctor is doubtful that I would be able to carry twins. I really just depends on the quality of your embryos and how willing you would be to carry twins.


I have to agree with Sassy…the quality of your embryos, your desire for multiples (how would you feel with 2 vs 1?) and any medical issues that could pose a greater risk to you other than the risk of carrying multiples.

We transferred 1 with our fresh and 2 with each of our frozen transfers. Ideally we would like to have just 1 baby but we figure that our chance of actually have more than 1 is a risk that we are willing to take. However, I am older and we are using our own eggs so the quality of our eggs is not as good as it could be. My logic is also that we haven’t been able to get pregnant with 1, what are the odds that both would actually stick, haha?


I am pretty happy with transfering one as I put in another post but I wanna see other women’s logic or if it is the recoomendation of their dr to tranfer the number. I am counting down the days to transfer and this forum is really helping the time go by :slight_smile:


With my fresh cycle, we transferred 1 and got lucky. With my first fET, we did 2 (1 good, 1 fair) and it ended as a chemical. This cycle, we transferred another 2 (both fair), and lost 1 other embed in the thaw. With the fresh, the one we had was good quality, and obviously had never been frozen. I was 29 at the time, so my RE thought my chances of it sticking were pretty good. This time, I’m a little older and the eggs have been frozen, so they recommended 2. Good luck.


I have to agree with PP. The quality of your embryos, history of IVF/FET success and your desire to have a singleton or multiples all weight in on the decision to transfer 1 or 2 embryos. If you are totally against twins then only transfer one no matter what the situation.
My situation is a bit different so that is why we have a high order of blastocysts transferred. With my 1st FET we transferred 3, and with my 2nd FET we only transferred 2 (but that is because that is all that we had left frozen.) I will be going in on Friday for our 3rd FET and we will be transferring 4 this time around.


[QUOTE=luvbuggy7]I am having a hard time choosing and want to know how many you ladies transferred for your FET. Clearly it is a personal choice but I am just looking to see what others did. I am still thinking one, but i think it will depend on how the two defrost and how they look whether we transfer 1 or 2[/QUOTE]

Your signature says you’re only 23 so I imagine you’ll have some good quality embryos. You might want to be cautious and transfer one.

I’m much older than you and transferred 2 average blastocysts, both took and one split and now I’m carrying triplets. Keep in mind that embryos can divide. It’s not the norm but it can happen.


It’s a tough decision for sure. We just finished our 4th cycle, and have transferred 2 every time. The 1st started out as a twin pregnancy, but one stopped growing and we ended up with a singleton. 2nd ended in a chemical pregnancy, ditto for the 3rd. Results of this one still pending.


my my triplets!!! Holy Moley, congrats!! I am still thinking one and they are the “best” quality that the clinic rates them, I am only nervous because of the breastfeeding aspect, even though my RE has told me a few times it will have no effect on the cycle. I am just :cross: ing my fingers that he is correct. I am defrosting two and then making the decision the day of transfer. More than likely transfering the best looking, and they do not refreeze so? Not sure about the other :frowning:


For most of my FET’s we transferred two. My last FET we transferred three and I now have one year old twins.
Good luck with whatever you decide :babydust: :babydust: :babydust:


congrats on your twins. All babies are truely a blessing and amazing. During my first FET I was ok with the idea of twins and the only reason I am nervous now is because I want to make sure DD gets enough love and attension too. Being pregnant with twins or more must be very difficult and that worries me. What if I am on bedrest or hospital bedrest. My hubby could take care of her but I dont want her to not have the attension she needs. I worry about everything way to much lol


With FET #1 we transferred 3, I got pg with a singleton.

With FET #2 we transferred 2, but only because that was all we had left frozen. I got pg but ended in chem pg.

I will be going in for FET #3 on friday and we will be transferring 4 this time around.


luvbuggy7 - On my fresh IVF cycle we transferred 2 embies. Tomorrow is my first FET and we are transferring 3-4 depending on if they survive the thaw. You have to make the decision that you are comfortable with and is right for your family. Keep us posted!! :bsv:

AmazinGrace - You are the 1st person that I’ve seen other than myself that will transfer 4 embies!! WE are pretty close on cycles too as my transfer is tomorrow, Wednesday! Let’s keep in touch if you want! :bsv:


[B]Hoping4[/B]- yes, ive had some back lash a little from people but it was not a rash decision for us on the 4. We have been through 5 other cycles that all ended in m/c. We have met with 2 embryologist that both told us we would be best to do 4 as out of the 5 we have frozen we might have 1 or 2 that are chromosomally normal. I also spoke to 2 of our embryologist and they were on board for it and felt like it was a good decision given our history. I understand I am ‘young’ however if that were the case one of the other 5 transfers should have worked, right?
Doctors were not very pleased with the choice, and we had quite a tense room today as we were totally going against what the doc wanted but i think it is the best decision for us. We were able to transfer (2) 5 day blast cysts, one good-good, one good-fair, and (2) 6 day blast cysts, one good-good, one good-fair. Our 5th blast was thawed as well, as the embryologist wanted to transfer the best 4, but that 5th one was a fair-fair, so we will find out tomorrow if it was able to be refrozen, if not they will be discarding it. I was told at the transfer it could go either way, its about 50/50 at this point.
I am not just hoping we can get a healthy pg out of it. Id be thrilled with twins, but just hoping for a healthy singleton pregnancy at this point.
Its our last cycle for at least a year, so i am praying so hard this is our take home baby cycle.
Would love to keep in contact wtih you. I hope your transfer went well, I see in your sig you transferred maybe 3? Am i reading it wrong or did you stick with 3 this time around? Ill be thinking about you!! I plan to start testing on Tuesday, so :cross: If I start getting + HPTs, then my first beta will be around the 15th, otherwise my beta will be set for the same day as yours, the 19th. Heres to hoping for a great xmas, right!!!


I’m glad you are thinking everything through. Bedrest is a possiblity. I was on bedrest from 22 weeks on. But I know many twin pregnancies that were NEVER on bedrest and made it full term. Nothing is certain, but it’s definately something to consider.
Greatest luck to you!!! :babydust: :babydust: :babydust:


I am a worrier by nature and feel that we have time to have kids and am already blessed with one. I feel that having twins or more would be too difficult with my daughter. If she were older it would be easier but she is very close to mommy. I hope one egg gives us another BFP but if not we can always try again.