How many eggs per follicle?


Just wondering if anyone has an input on the question. How does an re guesstimate how many eggs will be in a follicle? My de had her us to start her stim meds tonight and my doctor told me that she has 12+ follicles on each ovary. Does anyone know what that equates to in terms of how many eggs to expect on retrieval? Please feel free to jump in with your 2 cents


Each follicle could hold up to 1 egg. A resting AFC of 24 is great, but how her body responds to the stim meds will determine how many will be mature enough at retrieval to be fertilized and possibly become an embryo. The challenge is to try to have them all grow at relatively the same pace, but ultimately you could lose a few or gain a few.



Novagurl- thanks for the info. Hopefully she will respond favorably as this will be her first time of donating