How many eggs to transfer?


My partner and I are going through our first ivf cycle now, the transfer is this week, and we are still not sure how many eggs to transfer. We have 9 mature eggs as of now. Any advice? The doctor wants us to do 2, but the thought of twins is a bit overwhelming, because we already have a 4 year old. Tips?


Hello! My first IVF my RE suggested we transfer 2 embryos and said we’d have about 25% chance that one would take because of the quality of my DH’s sperm… well I ended up with twins. Unfortunately I lost them. Multiple pregnancies are high risk to begin with… but I got a silent infection. Anyway… the second IVF my RE suggested 1 embryo for fear of history repeating itself… well… it didn’t take. My third and current IVF I put two embryos in and I will find out next week if it is one or two babies.

When we first found out we were having twins, it was very overwhelming… it actually took the whole first trimester to get used to that idea. I am so afraid of another twin pregnancy but decided for this time it would be better to have 2 than none at all.

Bottom line… do what you feel is right for you. Good Luck!


[SIZE=“2”][FONT=“Comic Sans MS”][COLOR=“DarkGreen”]This is our 3rd ivf. First ivf we tx’d 2 embryos n it ended in a chemical preg. Second ivf we tx’d 2 n got a bfn. This cycle we will be transferring either 3 or 4 just depending of grade n quality. I’ve said a thousand x’s already that this will be the cycle that works for us n we’ll end up w/ triplets!:eek: I totally understand you not wanting twins. I’m actually hoping for twins but the thought still overwhelms me! When it boils down to it, it’s only a decision y’all can make for yourselves regardless of all or any advice anyone can give you. Good luck to you n partner n however many y’all decide to transfer. :D:babydust: [/FONT][/SIZE]


Its such a hard decision but i think its best to listen to what RE suggests… i think you’re chances are higher for one to stick with transfer 2. I transferred 2 and one stuck thank goodness!! good luck to you 2!!


If you’re really scared of twins and the embryos are looking perfect on transfer day, doing a single embryo transfer might be good. But if the embryos aren’t “excellent”, might be better to transfer two. I’m sure the RE and embryologist will be more than willing to offer some input that day regarding quality and whatnot, so hopefully that will make the decision easier. :slight_smile:


Like everyone has said, you need to do what you feel is right. My RE only wanted me to put 1 in. My DH and I went back and forth and seriously considered putting in 2 but in the end, we went for 1 since this was our first IVF and if it didn’t work, we had 6 embabies that are now frozen.

Tomorrow I will be 5 wks pregnant - it only takes 1 :flower:

Good luck!!


If you are sure you only want one, then tell your RE that. He will probably reduce the transfer to just one. The rest can be frozen.


I error on the side of increasing odds, so I would transfer 2, however the quality may be your deciding factor. Ask your RE for their recommendations are based on quality. I have had both scenarios… Fresh cycle-transferred 2 and 1 stuck as well as frozen cycle transferred 2 and had twins. So, you just never know.
Good luck in deciding!


Gayparent, I see you are doing a 5dt. The probability of twins would also depend on the quality of the blasts. Your RE should have a chart with the percentage probabilities of singleton and twin pregnancies, based on the blastocyst grading, your age and the clinic’s past experience. Ask for that chart, if possible. That helped me a lot in making my decision.