How many embryos to transfer for FET?


I’m hoping you all can help me… my first IVF cycle I chose a SET on day 3, and it ended in a negative beta. It was a high grade, 8 cell embryo, so I was hopeful, but it didn’t work. I had the WTF talk with the doctor today and we went over the stats of the remaining 4 I have frozen. Of the four, one is a 7 cell and the other three are 6 cell. They are all either grade 2 or 3 (3 is high, 2 is middle of the road good), and were growing at a normal rate when they were frozen on day 3.

The doctor felt that one of the possible reasons the SET didn’t work was that the embryo was “thick”?? I never heard that before - he said it was something like it might have shown signs of being genetically/chromosomally imperfect. Has anyone ever heard that phrase to describe an embryo before?

My other question is how many to transfer for the FET. He recommends 3 because of my age and the grades of the embryos, and the fact that statistically one of the four might not make the thaw. The idea of 3 is scary to me… I am fine with 2, but I feel like 3 not only increases the likelihood of a baby, but of twins too, which I would like to avoid. I know the goal of the RE is one healthy baby, the same as our goal, not to put me in a delicate situation, but I feel like I’m between a rock and a hard place here. Why does this decision have to be so hard?? :grr:

Any help you can give, advice, stories, is appreciated!! Thank you!


Wish- when I read your thread title I was going to say, quality is the determining factor. Well, you already have that information. All I can tell you is I used the FET success thread to calculate my own stats on how many people transfered and how many they ended up pregnant with. Surprisingly there were not a huge amt. of twins if I recollect my data. It has been several months since I did that.

  • First I would ask your RE if your frosties are frozen in straws of 2. This is usually the case, meaning, if you thawed the first straw with 2, you see if they both survive. If not, then you would need to thaw your 2nd straw and see what you get.
  • This may help you decide on day of FET. If you want to transfer 2, then you have to have 2 to transfer. If the first straw didn’t gain you 2 embies, then if you thawed the remaining 2 and both survived, would you still only want to transfer 2, or would you want to take all 3???
  • Obviously, only you and DH can decide for sure. If it was me, I would probably take my chances and do the best 3, but if you are comfortable with 2, then go with 2. My RE will only do 2 if they are great quality.

Hope this helped a little, or at least gave you some things to think about. Best wishes… please KUP on what you decide to do and when your FET is going to be.


I had 4 embbies frozen and after the thaw 3 were good to transfer,I mean if i transfer 2 and freeze 1 its like the 1 may not stand the thaw later if u wanna do fet again.I’ve googled and searched every nook and corner, but for 35+ usually 3-4 and more can be transferd,again its ultimately your decision.multiples are always a side effect in all fertility treatments.atleast in ET/FET you know how many you’ve transferd.

all the best gal.


Thanks ladies; and Shafs - hope you get a positive beta this week, keep us posted!

I’ve been reading a lot of the old threads here, and like Godiva said, I searched the success thread and saw what many women did overall. I am going to go with three, assuming three out of four are good for me to go with. This is our last shot and we might as well give it our all. I would be thrilled, of course, if only one came out of the three. We’ll see. The fact that my one almost perfect one didn’t implant tells me it’s okay to be bold in this situation.

I have read so many stories of women who only had one or two once the FET was happening and had success, so I am cautiously optimistic. I’m not sure the time frame; I’m thinking perhaps January so my body can fully recover from the treatments. I am still getting occasional headaches and I still have a bloat that just won’t go away, only in my middle. Lovely! And now it’s the holidays! :grr:

Anyway, thanks again. If anyone else is reading this and has experience here, chime in! :flower:


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