How many follicles did you have on letrozole?


i just got a :bfn: on my first IUI cycle. I used letrozole 10mg CD 3-7. I had two mature follicles. After I got the :bfn: I went over things with the nurse to see what we could do differently next time. I asked if my ovaries had responded to the letrozole, and she said yes very well, we often don’t see multiple mature follicles with letrozole so that was a great response. This didn’t sound right to me because I seem to hear about a lot of women having 3, or 4 follicles during IUIs. How many follicles did you all have on letrozole? what is the optimum number of follicles to have?

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Letrozole has a lower chance of multiples then other fertility drugs. My first IUI I used only Letrozole and had only two follicles, one that was bigger than the other so more than likely only one produced. You get more follicles when you add injections w/ letrozole.


I know this post was a while ago but I just got my count last week. I had 6 at 22,21,19,19,17,17. They gave me one more day until trigger in hopes to have 4 that were over 20.


how many


On day 3 I had 16 primordial follicles. Took Letrozole Day 3-7. Went on day 10 and had one 16 and several smaller ones. On day 12 had one at 21 and some smaller ones at 16. Did trigger that night and iui on the 14th.

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Femara never worked for me :frowning:

The nice thing about it is that you’re less likely to get multiples from it than Clomid or injects.

I think ideally they usually like to see around 2-3 mature follies with oral medications but no more than 5 because you don’t want high order multiples.


I’m on my second cycle of Letrozole. Last cycle I had 2 follies at 17 and 12, this cycle only one, but it’s 21!


I only have one at 23. Triggered tonight, IUI on Wed.