How many follicles is too many?!


I just had my baseline appointment on Sunday 4/28 and they counted 32 follicles in my R ovary and 37 follicles in my L ovary…I started my stim meds on Monday and worried that this is A LOT of follicles to deal with …they don’t seem too concerned yet since that is just what is showing as my resting point??

69 follicles just seems like A LOT and with starting my stim meds this week, im scared of OHSS or canceling my cycle??!? any advice on how many you all had prior to stim week?


No worries I had 35 afc & after my stims Er was 27. You should be fine. Best wishes.


I also have high afc >30 on each over my first IVF I got ohss had a fresh transfer hcg trigger had 36 measurable follicles it was miserable just had my 2nd fresh cycle retrieved 35 eggs my RE triggered me with half hcg and a dose of Lupron I still feel pretty crappy but nothing in comparison to my last fresh cycle. U are at risk BUT you dr can and should be able to control it hoping you’re on an antagonist cycle so you have to option to trigger with something other tha. Hcg


Thank you ladies!
@sorcet, I am not on an antagonist cycle, I am on 75 units of Menopur and 150 of Follisitim and 5 units of Lupron with a HCG trigger…so this kind of sucks now!

Did you get pregnant even though you had OHSS??


To help prevent ohss my Re put me on 20 units lupron daily & 1000 mg metformin twice daily. He also suggested a high protein low Carb diet. No salty foods & increased water intake.


Yes I did get pregnant that cycle my DD is 2.5 now ! Hopefully you’ll do just fine !