How much did your IVF meds cost?


I’m gearing up for IVF, which our insurance does not cover. So I’m wondering if you can estimate the total cost of your meds? I’m sure I am not the only one who would find this info beneficial!! Also, if you researched pharmacies, who was the cheapest? Any online pharmacies? Thank you SO much, I can’t wait to read your responses.


My IVF meds were over $4,600.00. In addition, I also had to get other meds during the process… antibiotics, valium for the day of the retrieval, something that made me not reject the embryo etc. Make sure your RE knows that you are cash pay on your drugs and they will give you any samples they have (ASK FOR THEM! Don’t be shy… The drug companies usually will give them a lot if they are available) and they can rx you what is best price for the efficacy.

I had a lot of IVF drugs though… You may need much less so don’t get too freaked out at my cost.

If I were you I would price out the pharmacies big time. I have heard a lot about Freedom Pharmacy, Medco, etc. The stimulating drugs as far as I know you can’t get at your local pharmacy.

And remember… It is worth every penny! :slight_smile:


My insurance said they do not cover IVF, but after A LOT of phone calls, I got approval on my meds. For some of the antibiotics, valium, steroids, etc, you can get a separate script and take it to your local pharmacy. There isn’t necessarily a way for them to be able to know they are for IVF. The other drugs, for stims, cost me about 7,000, even though my RE kept saying they would cost about half that. My insurance paid it, even though they “don’t cover IVF”. It pays to make extra phone calls, don’t speak to the customer service reps, ask to speak to a specialist in “fertility self injectables”.


Woah, consider me thoroughly freaked out…

I agree though, it has to be worth ever penny.

When you say ask to speak to a fertility specialist, do you mean at the pharmacy or my insurance?

Is it common for RE’s offices to have samples of the expensive stuff?


i paid about $3500 for mine, i was a high responder and was on a minimal dose of stims for 8 days, included in this was my progesterone antibiotic trigger ect. we used walgreens specialty pharmacy it had discounts on follistim, and was driving distance to my house i didnt want to have to worry about mail order stuff. I dont think its “common” for REs to have meds but it doesnt hurt to ask sometimes they do


I dont have coverage either. For long lupron it was about $1500 for antagonist it was about $2500. I can’t totally remember but it was no more than that. Depends some on protocol and how long u need to stim. I also did walgreens fertility speciaists. Dr recommended it bc there was some program for every thousand u spend u get $100 back.

Like luv4rachela said, make calls! We got ultrasounds covered somehow even tho at first they said no!!


Insurance covered all meds except STIMS (GO FIGURE THE HIGHEST THING)


If I am remembering right we spent around $2,000 when we paid for our meds on our first cycle. The next cycles we saved thousands of dollars on our meds……here is my blog post about it, if you would like to check it out.

We always used local pharmacies combined with freedom. The stimulating drugs cannot be gotten from local pharmacies. Good luck to you!!!


Call your Rx insurance company. For instance, I have United Healthcare medical insurance, and CVC Caremark for Rx coverage. United Healthcare was useless when discussing meds. The rep at CVS Caremark, for “fertility self injectables”, is the one who helped me and ordered my drugs from the CVS “specialty pharmacy”. Also, I was on max stims. The 7,000 includes lupron, follistim, menopur, and HCG trigger. The cost varies between protocols, and diagnosis (for instance PCOS requires much less meds than DOR).

My RE helps ppl with no insurance coverage with their meds. You need to tell your clinic your situation.

And, go to this link; it is a program for free stim drugs. Fill out the app, my RE has everyone without insurance coverage fill it out. It usually works :slight_smile: BOL
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I highly recommend IVFMeds Home Page
That is who my RE told me to use. I paid about $2200 for meds. They are an overseas company so it takes a bit of time unless u do fast shipping but i got mine even sooner than they said. My RE had me on Merional instead of Menopur and that saved me a lot. Its the same. I think i have 3 vials left. I just got my :bfp: on my first ivf cycle so theres proof that it worked lol!

Best of luck!


Thank you so much guys, I will go to every link and check out every resource you posted! Keep the suggestions coming!

Congrats on the new BFP’S!!! SO EXCITING. And BEST WISHES to those still waiting. I personally kind of hope for twins! Am I crazy? PS – I have PCOS and my husband had a vasectomy several years ago.

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We also used walgreens specialty pharmacy our re and care plan nurse took care of everything for us. They said they get the cheapest prices because they give them so much business. I loved it because I didn’t have to do anything, and I know all my meds are correct. So to get to the point walgreens was amazing they talked to my insurance and they covered everything but the cash price for the sims were cheaper if we paid cash. My re sent in a bunch of coupons with my order so to get to the price we spent 2200.00 that included everything antibiotics bcp hcg trigger lupron, menopur, bravelle, progesterone injection and creams. But I our problem is mf so I think it depends on what your hormone levels are. Mine were ask normal so I am on the minimal dosages.


[quote=MamaMiawants2]I highly recommend IVFMeds Home Page
That is who my RE told me to use. I paid about $2200 for meds. They are an overseas company so it takes a bit of time unless u do fast shipping but i got mine even sooner than they said. My RE had me on Merional instead of Menopur and that saved me a lot. Its the same. I think i have 3 vials left. I just got my :bfp: on my first ivf cycle so theres proof that it worked lol!

Best of luck![/quote]I also used for my donor cycle and saved about $2,000. I wish I’d used them for my first because my meds were about $6,000. I can’t recommend them enough!


I had DOR and took about 12 days to stim i think. My meds were Approx. 5500. (cant remember exactly, that was 4 years ago…) but i remember thinking my Re told me it would be around 3000. Yah Right!!! I believed we ordered from MDR in CA i think. RE just ordered for me, i was naive and didnt know any better, i woudl do things alot differently now that i am wiser than i was back then to alot of this stuff. Good luck


I also used Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy and was very happy with them.

My meds cost over $8,000 this time but I was on 300 iu of Menopur and 300 iu of Follistim for a long time. My first IVF they only cost about half that.


I used MDR in California. My nurse just ordered for me. I couldn’t handle the stress of calling around and worrying that if I made just one more call I might save a lot of money. I ended up paying little over $3000 think. Run EVERYTHING through your insurance. My “zero coverage” insurance ended up paying for some things, includng parts of my HSG.


My insurance covers nothing. For IVF #1 we paid about $3,000 for stims, ganirelix, HCG and progesterone.

Since I was a poor responder and had my cycle canceled we had leftover meds to apply to the next cycle which would have cost more like $5,000 since I was at a higher dose. We also had to order more meds mid-cycle because my dose was upped again. We ordered through Apothecary Shoppes in AZ because our office said they had the best prices, but I wished we’d shopped around. Now I’ve done some research and will be going to with IVFmeds online for my stims. It will save us about half. I wish I had known about it before. Best of luck to you!


My first cycle my meds cost around $2000 and I ended up stimming for less days than expected so I had meds left over and my second cycle only cost me like $700. I used Walgreens Specialty and I was really happy with them, I researched and called around and they were the best price and had great customer service.