How much is too much?


Does anyone know if higher med doses can, and if so at what point, negatively effect egg quality? My RE wants to up my meds to 525 follistim/gonal f from 450. It’s not that I didn’t respond at all last cycle, just not well and there was a quality issue - and certainly not as we’ll as my past cycle. I recall reading somewhere that doses over 450 were not proven any more effective. The med packet leaflet lists 600 as the max dose. Any insight would be helpful. He’s removed hgh from the protocol claiming he doesn’t see a justification for the added cost but by increasing my stim dosage has done just that by about the same amount. I suppose another question would be, does it make more sense to spend $1000 more on stims or hgh?


I have heard over 450 is not great too. My first cycle I did 450 and got 7. Then last cycle they did 375 follistim and then 150 menopur. I had a ton of empty follicles. I think it was too much. I would say to ask about human growth hormone. I have heard it does a good jib of increasing quality.


I dont think by increasing your dose it will help quality.
My RE added micro hcg to help with quality. I also did metformin for 2 months prior to stims, and I am not a diabetic or PCOS. But some thing by balancing/lowering your blood sugar it can help quality.
I was fortunate to get pregnant on our firs IVF. But I will say we had great quality eggs!
I wish you good luck!


I will be on a high dose of 750 follistim per day. My RE has had success with his protocol. I won’t know my success until the end of April. There are two other ladies on these forums who are seeing my RE and will be on the same dosage. I’m sure the amount will be tweaked as we progress (that’s my theory) .