How reliable are early pregnancy symptoms? (pssst..ghost, over here!)


I got my positive beta at 12 dpo and that night I had lots of cramping and such. I am very sleepy and have to go to the bathroom often. But, from about egg retrieval to my beta, my breasts were sore. Now they barely hurt at all. Is this a bad sign? I am on PIO shots still, and isn’t that what makes your breasts sore???second beta is Monday. Ugh this is AGONY!!!


my bb were sore off and on until about 8 weeks and now they hurt all the time. at 5 weeks all my symptoms disappeared and I flipped out. turns out it is totally normal- am 10 weeks right now. :preg:


One word: Progesterone.

You had lots of follicles making lots of progesterone as long as your hCG trigger was still in your system and hitting the LH receptors in your ovaries. (LH and hCG activate the same receptor.)

Now your hCG has faded, your progesterone production has dropped, and all you have is your injection. That’s still enough, but not the overwhelming amount your probably had before.

On PIO, a patient will have a progesterone level around 20-50 ng/ml. After a trigger, it can rise well into the hundreds.

With rising hCG from your pregnancy (congratulations) again available to activate those LH receptors, watch for some of those side effects to possibly return.


Thank you both so much. First I worry about good eggs, good embryos, getting preg…then once pregnant there are still more worries :slight_smile: thank u again, ghost, makes total sense and I can relax for a bit!


Buckeyegirl congrats. So happy to see the :bfp: